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Percentage of Acalanes Union Grads With UC/CSU Required Courses
Pleasanton a Dangerous Place for Bicyclists 2008-2010
Berkeley Police Misdemeanor Marijuana Arrests by Race
Berkeley Police Marijuana Arrests by Race
Contra Costa Sheriff's Department Marijuana Arrests by Race
Types of Complaints Lodged with the Planning Commission, 2012
Residential Burglaries in El Cerrito, 2002-2012
Arrests on BART in Contra Costa County, 2006-11
Piedmont Unified Suspensions by Offense, 2011-12
El Cerrito High School Suspensions by Race and Offense, 2011-12
Alameda USD Suspensions by Offense and Race, 2011-12
Albany Suspensions by Race and Ethnicity of Student, 2011-12
Berkeley Out-of-School Suspensions by Offense and Race, 2011-2012
Concord Robberies and Clearances
2012-13 New Inter-District Enrollment
2012-13 New Inter-District Enrollment
Median Wait Times in CoCo ERs
ER Wait Times
Emergency Room Wait Times
Berkeley Drug Arrests
Felony Arrests: Berkeley