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Where in the GCC do entrepreneurs want to open new offices in 1-2 years?
Most significant barriers to scale in the UAE
High level challenges: Scale-ups vs non scale-ups
Positive and negative outcomes of the recession on SMEs in the UAE, UK and USA
Preference to own business in GCC
Preference of Employment vs Owning Business in MENA
Barriers to bank funding for SMEs
SME employees breakdown into nationals and foreigners
SME Loans in MENA
Comparing Saudi to the G20 average in terms of access to credit
Comparing Saudi Arabia to the G20 average in terms of entrepreneurship culture
Female boardroom participation in the GCC
Availibility of business start-up training to individuals in the GCC
Access to a mentor in GCC countries
Ease of starting up a new business in GCC cities
Market willingness to accept new ideas and innovations in the main GCC cities
Ability to find local talent to employ in the main cities of the GCC
Female-Owned Firms
GCC Global Competitiveness Index 2012-2013
Major obstacles to starting a business in the GCC (% listing in top 3)
Cost of procedures when starting a business in the MENA region (% of income per capita)
Number of procedures to set up a business in the MENA region
Major Obstacles to Starting a Business in the Middle East (% listing in top 3)
Comparative Private Equity Investments As A Percentage Of GDP
Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Perceptions in the MENA Region GEM Countries in 2012 (as a % of total respondents)
GCC Global Innovation Index World Ranking
GCC Global Innovation Index Score (Out of 100)
Pink Tank LinkedIn Connections
% of Women in The Middle East Adult Labour Force
Women on Boards in the GCC
Global Competitiveness in the Past Ten Years
Pink Tank's Visualization on the MasterCard Worldwide Index of Women's Advancement
Pink Tank's Visualization on MasterCard Worldwide Index of Women's Advancement
MasterCard Worldwide Index of Women’s Advancement
MasterCard Index of Women's Advancement in the MENA