Infogram Customer Spotlight: Building a Stronger Brand with Dataviz

01.08.2018 by Marisa Krystian

We love helping our customers succeed and sharing their stories. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the most engaging tales of data visualization success from our customers for this series: Infogram Customer Spotlight. From the classroom, to the newsroom, to the boardroom — this is how real people are using Infogram to change the way they visualize data.

In this piece, we chat with Colin Tees from Martin Currie Investment Management Ltd, Senior Digital Marketing Manager for Martin Currie.

Colin Tees was given the difficult task of managing digital marketing strategy for an investment management company with a small team and slim resources. His work needed to reflect the power and competency of Martin Currie while gaining people’s trust, bolstering confidence, and increasing global awareness.

A modern marketing problem

He stepped into an industry that was as he called it, a bit “old fashioned” when it came to visual content. He looked at the text-heavy PDFs often distributed by sales and PR, and decided to usher those assets into the digital age.

“The digital audience is different from the institutional audience in that you need to get across large bits of information, summarize difficult ideas, into small bite-size chunks. We have to take the data we get and make it mean something. We need to stand out,” explained Colin.

He wanted a tool to help transform mass amounts of data into engaging charts and maps to use in reports and landing pages. “It’s about condensing information into something that is instantly impactful. Instead of looking through text and tables, data visualization helps you get to the point as fast as you can.”

Interactive charts for better branding

Colin was impressed by Infogram’s interactive capabilities, easy-to-use editor, and responsive embeds. The projects he made with Infogram helped bring Martin Currie’s research to life.

“We started building a new website for the company, and I wanted a way to create quick graphics online to give people a feel of our brand. Instead of having to make charts in Photoshop or take screen grabs, we wanted to make it interactive. We looked for products, but Infogram had everything we wanted. We were able to embed our content, that was hosted elsewhere, in a responsive format that was much better suited for HTML.”

Colin’s team was most excited by Infogram’s wide selection of local and regional maps. “Infogram charts gave a much stronger look to our site, because they move and you can roll over them. Like the maps; we find the interactivity really useful. It makes people get more involved with the story.” Click the image below to view the interactive version.

Branded templates for better recognition

Creating a brand people trust online is crucial to its success. With Infogram’s branded templates, Colin was able to build professional visual assets complete with Martin Currie’s logo and colors, helping to reinforce brand recognition.

“After we rebranded, we tried to get our new brand better known to the market. If someone is buying through us, or buying a particular fund, they tend to go with something they recognize. The more recognition we have, the more power we have, and the more faith people may have in us,” he said.

Social media charts for better engagement

With digital branding comes social media. Colin started experimenting more and more with bite-sized Infogram content on Martin Currie’s various social platforms, which was a fairly new concept for the company.

They started to incorporate charts into videos and as stand-alone posts on LinkedIn to engage their followers. “We are moving into social media a lot more. With Infogram’s animated GIFs, you can show movement and engage more on social.”

If you’d like to learn more about how Infogram has helped businesses visualize and communicate with data, visit our Customer Stories page.

Colin Tees is a digital marketing and web infrastructure specialist with a broad knowledge of online technologies. He also has extensive project management and programming skills, along with years of experience in the financial industry. He currently manages digital strategy for Martin Currie.