Infographic: Depression around us

08.10.2021 by Līva Luriņa

Every year, the 10th of October is globally recognized as World Mental Health Day. The main purpose of this day is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world.

World Mental Health Day was first celebrated in 1992 following the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health. Since then, our understanding of mental health has grown, and we’re growing along with it.

We’re becoming a society that understands and cares about the mental health of ourselves and the people around us. Our assumptions about mental health aren’t just dividing people into “normal” or “crazy”. And we know that stress, overwhelming workload, and toxic environment are not just things we need to live with.

While we’ve learned a lot, there’s still so much more we need to do to grow as a society. This time, let’s learn more about the most common mental disorder in the world and one of the causes of disability – depression.


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