01.03.2017 by Marisa Krystian

The data visualization community loves sharing charts and infographics on Twitter using the popular #dataviz hashtag. Every month we keep track of our favorite tweets to share with you! Here are ten of February’s most popular #dataviz links. Get ready to explore the career of Hans Rosling, play-by-play sports, herd immunity, and more.

1) Herd Immunity – @randal_olson

2) Hans Rosling – @EvanSinar

3) Influ-venn-za – @infobeautiful

4) Quadtrees – @mindrones

5) Play-by-Play Sports – @dataandme

6) Design Better Tables – @MathiasLeroy_

7) Lego Maps – @benflan

8) Tree Visualizations – @kaggle

9) European Air Traffic – @422South

10) Refugees in U.S. – @karadapena

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