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Estimación da emigración do Estado Español na UE
Rexistros de cidadáns españois na seguridade social británica
Average number of bets on the Premier League
The 4 most expensive strikers in 2014. Were they worth it?
How many shots on target you need to beat these goalkeepers?
Percentage of players vs money bet per player
People claiming benefits 6 months after getting their NIN
NIN allocations to Southern Europeans entering the UK
Very old people in 2012 divided by gender. England and Wales
People older than 100 years old in England and Wales
People aged between 90 and 99 years old in England and Wales
Children living in poverty by local authority, 2010
Political alignment of the councils with cuts over and under £100 per person
Cuts per head in local funding in the richest and poorest English councils
NINs adxudicados a cidadáns do Estado Español por xénero. 2002-2012
NINs adxudicados a cidadáns do Estado Español por grupos de idade. Porcentaxes sobre o total
Rexistros no NIN de cidadáns do Estado Español. 2002-2012
TOP 10 countries where these consular assistance enquires are more frequent (2008-2012)
Percentage of outstanding and waived fines by university
The busiest British consulates