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Solo Tackle Pct. by Conference, 2013-16
Conference Majority by State, 2004-16
Percent of Rivals 250 Signees by Conference
Top-10 AP Poll Appearance Ranking
Nebraska's ATS Record When...
Toxic Differential Against Ranked Teams at Nebraska
Toxic Differential at Nebraska 04-16
Nebraska Toxic Differential by Season
Big Ten 2011-16
Nebraska's Program FEI, 2007-16
Blue-Chip Percentage by Conference
Bob Diaco - Rush, Pass and Total Defense Rankings
FEI/S&P+ Rankings for Diaco as a DC
1997 Sagarin Rankings - UM v. NU
Nebraska 5-Year Recruiting Rank
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Huskers' GFEI 2011-15
Huskers' 2015 GFEI
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First-year coaches
Nebraska AP Poll 1963-2014
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10 Worst OSU Losses
10 Best OSU Wins 2008-14
10 Worst NU Losses 2008-14
10 Best NU Wins 2008-14
Explosiveness Rate
Penn State Player Rankings, 2009 to 2016
Top 10 Adidas Contracts 2014-15
Top 10 Nike Contracts 2014-15
Penn State Recruiting Rankings, 2009 to 2016
Do New Coaches Get a Recruiting Bump?
Off on the Right or Wrong Foot?
Oregon State 2008-14
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5-Year Average Recruiting Class Rank
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Oregon State Run-Pass Splits
Average Distance (Miles) from Campus in 2015 Class
Average Recruit Star Ranking, 2009-14
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NU Field Position Off Punts
Rutgers - Nebraska
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Plays Per Game, 2008-14
Nebraska - Michigan State
The Gregory Effect
Points Per Drive 2008-14
Illinois - Nebraska
Miami - Nebraska
Explosive Plays per Game by Month, 2011-13
FAU - Nebraska
McNeese State - Nebraska
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3rd Down Conversion Percent
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Explosiveness - Yards per Play
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CFB TV Viewers by Network/Time in 2013
CFB TV Viewers by Time Slot on ABC
NU Spring Game Attendance 2000-2014
2014 Spring Game Attendance
Huskers v. Bears
Top 10 Sponsorship Deals 2013-14
Nebraska's Class of 2014
The New Arena Bump
Opp. Explosive Pass Plays
Opp. Explosive Run Plays
Huskers v. Bulldogs
Adjusted Yards per Play
Re-Ranking the Big Ten
Four Factors & the Big Ten
Face Value v. Secondary Market
Gator Bowl Match-Up
Against the Grain
Huskers v. Hawkeyes
B1G Bowl Payouts
Nittany Lion's 5-year Trajectory
Huskers v. Nittany Lions
Behind the 8-ball
Turnovers and Winning
Huskers v. Spartans
Spartans' 5-year Trajectory
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Michigan State's Rush Defense
Huskers v. Wolverines
Wolverines' 5-year Trajectory
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Wildcats' 5-year Trajectory
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Gophers' 5-year Trajectory
2013 B1G Coaches' Salaries
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Post-Purdue Portfolio
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The Inexperience Angle
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Jackrabbits' 5-year Trajectory
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Bruins' 5-year Trajectory
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Eagles' 5-year Trajectory
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A Tough Run
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Husker Portfolio - Preseason
The Match-Up
Cowboys' 5-year Trajectory
Illini's 5-year Trajectory
Lock the Rock?
Pythagorean Wins
NU v. The National Average
Licensing Revenue: 1985-2001
Licensing Revenue Rank 1990-2001
Huskers' Best: 1983 - 2012
Cornhusker Consistency
How does Nebraska compare?
Profile of a National Champion
When the Work Gets Done
Slow and Steady?
Defensive Experience 2008-2012
Big Ten Defense 2012
Accuracy Rank of CFB Preview Magazines 1998 - 2012
Big Ten Offense 2012
2012 BCS CFB Coaching Salaries
Nebraska Athletics 2005-2012
2012 Conference Championship Attendance/Capacity
The Ones to Watch
Kenny Bell in context
The Offensive Evolution of College Football
2012 D-Line Stats
Nebraska's Class of 2013
A Closer Look at Completion Percentage at Nebraska
Big Ten Recruiting: By the Numbers
Bull Market
2012 Yards Allowed in Wins/Losses
The Geography of Recruiting
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