How To Add Your Logo and Backlinks

Adding a logo to your content means your brand will be recognized anywhere your content is shared or embedded. The Infogram logo gets added to the bottom of all infographics created with our Basic and Pro plan. With Business and Teams plans, you can disable Infogram branding and upload your own logo, as well as customize the share button. In addition, with Enterprise plan we can create a custom infographic template just for you/your company, using your required fonts, colors, backgrounds, branding and also chart elements – like icons and shapes.

✔️ Branding: To remove Infogram logo and/or replace it with your company’s branding, please, go to your Account Settings, choose Infographic settings and upload the logo there. This way your logo will be there for every future report and chart right from the start.

In the single chart layout (if you have started your project by clicking the Chart or Map button in your Library, as opposed to chosing from the Infographic, Report, Dashboard etc. templates) you can customize the logo settings for each project separately in the right side panel.

✔️ Sharing. If enabled, this allows your readers to share your content on social platforms and embed your created content on other webpages by using our prepared embed codes.

The sharing button can be disabled if you don’t want your content shared. You can also set defaults for the sharing functionality by going to Account settings and opening Infographic settings tab. This will apply to all new infographics you create.

You can customize the Share button for each project separately, too, in the right settings panel.

Also, you can enter a custom share link for your report. Instead of allowing viewers to share a direct link to your report, you can, for example, enter here the link to your web page where you have embedded this report. This way viewers will need to go to your web page first to be able to see your project.