How to Customise Text

To add text to your project you can use the left side toolbar. You can choose between multiple types of text elements with predefined styles:

Customize text

  • Title is used to describe the topic of your project. Business and Enterprise users can set custom backlinks for titles on published charts. This can give an SEO boost to your site once your audience starts sharing your content. For more information, click here
  • Subtitles are smaller in size and usually used to name each chart in your project.
  • The quote is good for emphasising contextual information about your data. It has two lines of text that can be edited. The quotation is styled according to the colour theme you are using; custom styling is available with Enterprise accounts.
  • Body text is smaller than the subtitle text and is used to provide a lengthier explanation of your project or chart. This object can give your chart the proper context.
  • Caption text is the smallest text size usually used to add the source of your data.

Use the Rich Text Editor to change settings for any of the default text objects in your project. You will need to double click on the text object to enable the editing options:

rich text editor

  • Change fonts (note that font choices are limited by the design theme settings)
  • Modify the font size
  • Modify text colour
  • Bold, underline, italic and strikethrough text
  • Align paragraphs left, centre or right
  • Create lists
  • Include hyperlink text

How to Customise Timer

The Timer automatically counts the time until or from a certain date; such as the time left until the next elections or how much time has passed since the previous.

Customize text

Double click on the timer object to customise it. Enter the timer name, date and select whether the timer should count up or down from your specified date. You can also customise colours for time and text and if needed, translate the names of time intervals below the date.

How to Customise Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures is an excellent chart to emphasise certain key data points without displaying too many numbers. You can change the icons, along with their colours and size. Upgrade to Pro to get additional 200,000+ icons or include your own approved icons with our Enterprise plan.

Customize text

Click to edit Facts & Figures chart. On the left side you can use the table to customise colours, icons and text entries for the chart. Select on the colour bubble to assign a unique colour to each of the facts. To change the icon, click on the icon and use search field to browse hundred thousand of possible icons to use.
Customize text

Text inside the Facts & Figures chart can be edited as well. You will find the Rich Text Editor on the left side just above the table for data entry. RTE appears once you click on any of the text fields.