Google Analytics Integration

To make it even faster to import data into Infogram, we’ve added Google Analytics integration. That means you can connect your Google Analytics account to Infogram and create reports by dragging and dropping charts into an infographic template. Infogram will pull the information from your account and automatically update the charts with your data.

There are 13 different reports, including top referring sites, mobile usage, number of pages per session, top keywords, and more. Integrating your Google Analytics account will take less than 30 seconds.

First authorise your Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics Integration

Then proceed to choosing the data you wish to display. Simply double click on the box or drag and drop it in the editor for automatic visualization.


Double click on the chart to choose the frequency with which you wish for the data to automatically update.


Google Analytics Integration


To disconnect a Google Analytics account, un-authorize the Infogram application from Google account settings.

Google Analytics integration