Live Data via Google Sheets

Integration with Google Sheets automates the process of adding new data to a chart by updating the data periodically. It is simple to set up, so you might want to use it for your reports, dashboards and any other data output that needs to be updated continuously.

The first step to setting up live updates in a chart is to gather data in a Google Sheet.

Live Data via Google Sheets


Create a chart on Infogram

Once you have done that, head to Infogram and create a chart. Select the chart type that best fits the information you want to display.

Double-click on the chart and you will see dummy data. Notice the buttons at the top of the grey section. The second one – the triangular logo – lets you sync to your Google Drive. Click on it.

Live Data via Google Sheets

Connect your Google account

You’ll need to connect to your Google account to have access to your sheet. Just log in with your account and authorize access.

Live Data via Google Sheets


Select the spreadsheet you need

Choose the spreadsheet with the data you need from your Google Drive, and click “select”.


Live Data via Google Sheets

Configure the auto-update interval

With Premium plans, Infogram will update the information in your published charts at specified time intervals. Just select the one that fits your needs best, pick the sheet you want to show or select all sheets if you want to show multiple information in the same chart (this will create tabs).


Live Data via Google Sheets

A few things to note when connecting to a Google Spreadsheet:

  • Live-update works in preview mode


or when the infographic is published, either on web-view or embedded.

Live Data via Google Sheets


  • It updates the data upon loading of the graph and then every 30 seconds or other intervals you have specified. It might not update as often inside the tool’s editor view.

Google Analytics Integration

  • If you are connecting a specific sheet from a Google spreadsheet that contains multiple sheets, the connected one is indexed by the sheet order number. This means you should avoid adding additional sheets in between the document, as this might change the order of sheets and the data the charts connect to.

Adjust the chart settings

When you connect a spreadsheet, you are unable to edit the data, however you can change other chart options. Specify the colors, add information explaining what the X and Y axes are with labels, define ranges and format numbers.

You’re done!

Now you can share your chart. Just click on the “Share” button at the top right corner of your screen. Choose either to copy a direct link, embed, or send by email. Never worry about changing it again! You can just update the information in the Google Spreadsheet connected to the chart and see the chart automatically update upon loading, or in the interval of time you selected when you created the chart.