Arranging objects on the canvas


No matter if you start a project from scratch or from a pre-made template, you can arrange and layer objects freely on the editor canvas.

Add objects from the left side panel. Open one of the menus:

Add a chart, Add a map, Add text, Add graphics, Add shape, Add media, Add data

Use your mouse to select one of the objects, drag it to where you wish to add it on the canvas.


Drag corners to resize the object. Adjust its placement on the go. 


To move projects around the page by clicking and dragging.


You can also layer objects, put a background image or shape to your chart. Use object quick settings on the side to “Bring to front” or “Send to back”.


To move an object to other pages, select it and use your keyboard controls Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V (Windows) or Cmd+C/Cmd+V (Mac) to copy it into another page. Note that dragging an object into another page will not be possible.  

To make sure you place objects proportionally on the canvas, use the “Grid” in the bottom-left panel.

For more precision in arranging objects, zoom in on the canvas using the Zoom buttons.