Where do I find the Original Infogram experience?


If you have created with Infogram before the latest update, you will notice that the infographic project editor is now very different. Objects can be placed freely on the canvas.

However, the original infographic editor has not disappeared. It is still accessible to you as “Single chart” or “Single map” in your project library.

There, add objects to the canvas from the left side panel in the editor. They will appear one after the other or where you dragged them in the overall order.

You can rearrange objects by simply drag and dropping them in the project.

Use “Narrow” option in quick settings to reduce the object to half size. Narrow two objects to place them side by side.

To revert the object’s size to full infographic width, use “Widen” option.


Project settings are located on the right side panel.

There, you can:

  1. Select a different theme – a font, color, and other design element combination
  2. Adjust the overall project width using the slider or by inserting a pixel amount
  3. Customize or remove the logo. Paid feature: The option to customize the footer is available for users with a Business subscription or higher. Luckily upgrading your license type is easy and gives you access to other great features Infogram plans have to offer.   
  4. Customize or remove the Share button. Note that this is also a paid feature.
  5. Enable right-to-left writing
  6. Link charts by tab name

Now head over to the Getting Started with Infogram article to understand how the new editor works in all other project types.