Using Infogram for social media

Each social media platform likes to display their own specific image size. We highly suggest you adjust the size of your images to fit the social media platform you are posting to. It’s more important than ever to build a strong social media presence for your business, so it’s important to optimize your profiles with the right images to represent your brand, even if the process can be a bit daunting. While each platform requires difference images sizes, what is really important is the aspect ratio. That means that regardless of the actual image size, you need to adjust the width and height of your image to fit the platform’s image space.

Here are the ideal image sizes (in pixels) for each of the most popular social media platforms:

Why Does it Matter?

Remember that these are the suggested image sizes and aspect ratios for the perfect social media post. These sizes will increase the aesthetic appeal of your posts. However, most of the social media sites will still show photos in any ratio. Twitter has a static timeline preview space. That means that an image will only show in the timeline if it has a 2:1 ration and the width is less than 512 px. Images that are larger than 512 px will only be shown after clicking on the tweet. However, if the image does not maintain the 2:1 ratio, it will appear cropped. We strongly recommend to modify your chart size so it can be fully visible. Here’s an example: GoodBad                                                                 twitter screenshotTwitter screen shot

The first image was modified before being downloaded and fits the space perfectly; the second was not. Don’t try to fit all of your charts in one tweet, but rather try to create several tweets and include one or two charts on each. This will give diversity to your Twitter timeline and drive more traffic to your story. Pro Tip: Remember to duplicate your project before modifying the images for download so you have the perfect version for each social media platform and your blog.

How do I create the right sizes on Infogram?

To create the right images for each platform follow these steps.

project settingsClick on the project settings at the top of the page. Find the width selector and adjust the size. This will modify the overall width of your project, and with it, the width of each individual chart. The maximum width is 1024 px.

chart_settingsDouble-click on a chart to open the chart editor. Go to the settings tab and adjust the chart height. The maximum height is 800 px.

download_socialmediaClick on Download on the upper right-hand corner. Choose whether you want a PNG or JPG file.  Modify the width and the height to create variations for each social media. Any changes you make here will reflect on the size of the image as a whole, not the size of the chart. The maximum width is 3000 px and the height will automatically adjust to keep the ratio you defined in the previous steps. Finally, click on Download again.

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