Printing and Downloading

If you need to print your infographic or chart, you need to download it first to your computer. Downloading is a premium feature available with our paid subscriptions.

The Download button can be found on the upper right-hand corner on any project page. You can choose to download your project as a high-quality JPG, transparent PNG and vector PDF file. Enterprise subscribers can also download their project as a working, interactive HTML archive. You can also download an individual chart with multiple data columns/sheets as a moving GIF file – this must be done through the single chart editor (by clicking the Chart/Map button from your Library):

To adjust the quality of your downloaded image, use the drop-down in the right sidebar. For best possible image quality choose the 4x option. You can also enter custom exported image size by choosing the Custom option.

In both JPG/PNG and PDF mode you can enable the Transparent background setting in the right sidebar.

In the left side you can see all pages in your report – you can select which ones you want to download.

Keep in mind that in the template layout you cannot download single charts – only a whole page. This is possible only in the single chart layout (available from your Library by clicking the Chart or Map button).

If you want to download a single chart from your report or dashboard, you need to first copy the chart to the single chart layout (select it on your project, hit Ctrl+C, then navigate to your Library, click the single Chart button at the top and hit Ctrl+V). This way if you have a chart with several data columns, it will get automatically expanded and you will be able to download specific sheets from this chart by choosing them in the left sidebar.