How To Embed  Charts On Your Site

Each of your projects has an individually generated embed code that we create automatically for you. This allows you to embed interactive charts to your blog or site even if you don’t have any coding knowledge. To embed a chart:

embed_codeCopy the HTML code we provide. We recommend you to use the responsive script as this will ensure that your charts look good across devices. If you’re uploading several charts to the same page, choose the async option. What this does is that it loads each chart separately at the precise moment when the reader has reached the place on the page where the chart is embedded, ensuring that the interactivity effect is not triggered before she can see it. An additional benefit is that the page loads much faster.

embed_html_editorPaste the code in the text editor of your CMS, or any other interface that allows you to write HTML. Be careful not to paste it in the ‘visual’ view or the actual code will show on your article. Always paste code on the ‘text’ or ‘HTML’ view. If you’re using WordPress you can also install our plugin. For more information read this article.


If you’re using sites like Tumblr or SquareSpace that remove script tags, you must always use the fixed embed code that places the chart in an iframe.

Note: at this time, chart embedding doesn’t work on hosted WordPress sites ( If you’d like to request this feature please drop us a line in the comments.

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