After registering a new account, you will be using a Basic plan. All projects created with this plan will be public and accessible in your public Inforgam profile. Publishing projects privately or keeping drafts will be possible with all our paid subscriptions that you can purchase anytime. 

This is how it works:

1. Choose a project type in your account Library


2. You will get a dialogue, where you can insert the project title (make it easier for yourself to find projects later in your Library) and choose privacy. All projects are public by default in the Basic plan. To publish privately, get an annual or monthly subscription here.  

3. All projects will appear in your public Inforgam profile, accessible by clicking the Profile button at the top right side of your Library, then Public profile. These projects are indexed by search engines and can be found on Google. 

4. You can check your project status anytime in the bottom right corner of your project thumbnail, in your Library:

The project is a draft, not shared with anyone. Only you can see it in your library.

The project is shared privately with a private URL link and may be password- protected.

The project is public. It is visible in your public Infogram profile, has a public link, is indexed by search engines and can be found by Google.


Note: As of February 2018, all grandfather users, who could create private projects for free, will only be able to choose the Public on the Web option without having purchased a subscription. All drafts and private projects created in the past will not be affected by the changes and will remain private, as long as you do not change privacy settings. You can continue to edit these projects freely. Keep in mind that when you will duplicate a project, it will create a new project ID and this duplicate will be public.