Using Infogram in WordPress

This WordPress plugin will make your life a lot easier. After installing the plugin, you’ll be able to embed charts and infographics from Infogram directly into your blog posts, without having to leave the WordPress interface. You’ll use a WordPress shortcode to embed them rather than HTML code (which we also provide, in case you prefer that option).

Here’s how it works:

wpFrom the WordPress visual editor, click on the “Add from Infogram” button.

wp1This will open your Infogram library. Choose the chart you want to insert, and click on it.

wp6You’ll see a line of code in the WordPress editor; that’s what’s called the WordPress shortcode.
Unlike the HTML code, that you have to paste in the text editor, the shortcode will work directly from the visual editor, which is where most people (including us at Infogram) like to write.
To see how your chart or infographic looks on your post, click Preview.

How to collaborate with your team

wp2If multiple people at your company are using Infogram with different accounts, you only have to install the plugin once. When clicking on Add from Infogram, the user library associated with the API credentials will show, If your chart is not in that library, simply go to your Infogram account, open the chart you want to embed and click Publish. Choose the WordPress option and copy/paste the shortcode we provide, right into the WordPress visual editor.

wp3Alternatively you can copy the public URL, return to WordPress and paste the link at the bottom of the window that shows the library. The URL will be transformed into a shortcode for that chart.

How to install the Infogram WordPress plugin

wp41. On the WordPress sidebar navigate to Plugins > Add new and search for Infogram.
2. Click Install Now and then activate it from the Admin area.
3. Go back to the New Post view and click on Add from Infogram. Click on Authenticate here.

wp5This will open a window where you’ll be prompted to add your API credentials. You’ll find your API credentials in your Account Settings in Infogram. Remember to keep that information secret.
That’s it! You’re ready to start publishing beautiful charts and infographics!

Note: The plugin works currently only in self-hosted WordPress sites, where you can install it. If you’re using a site, and would love to have something like this, let us know at hello@Infogram!

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