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Percentage of local leaders who agree or disagree that “My jurisdiction’s policies and operations do not impact the health of the Great Lakes,” by proximity to the coast
Support for expansion of land-based wind energy, comparing local leaders and citizens
Trends in wealth inequality: ratio of 50th to 25th and 95th to 50th percentiles of wealth
American Views on the Existence of Global Warming: 2008-2014
Property-tax exempt units as assets or liabilities to current fiscal health, by portion of tax-exempt units in jurisdiction
Perspectives on the Relationship Between the State and Federal Roles in Addressing Global Warming, 2008-2013
Would you like or dislike Americans as neighbors?
Local officials’ overall support and opposition to the public sector right-to-work law
Local officials' satisfaction on negotiations with labor unions
Michigan's Competitive Advantage
Sales-weighted MPG
Economic Growth Output
Responsibility for Reducing Global Warming, by Level of Government