Webinar: 5 simple ways to boost your nonprofit’s visual storytelling

5 simple ways to boost your nonprofit’s visual storytelling

You’ve spent hours organizing your data, building beautiful charts, adding elements, and publishing online. But...then what? How can you make sure it creates an impact, resonates with your audience, and spreads awareness? Infogram empowers nonprofit organizations to create engaging infographics, reports, maps, and charts to educate and excite your audience


Join our live webinar on Thursday, October 17th, to learn how to create meaningful visual content to deliver a powerful message that will inspire your audience. 

You will learn:

  • How to use visual reports to keep your board members, stakeholders, staff, and donors engaged
  • Why interactive animations are a must-have to win your audience's attention
  • How to share your cause, mission, or event with the public in a visually appealing way
  • How to create meaningful visual stories through team collaboration  
  • What other major nonprofit organizations have done to deliver their message and raise money


As a bonus, everyone who attends the webinar will receive a 30% discount* for Infogram’s yearly Team plan. With an Infogram Team account, you can create up to 3,000 projects, from engaging reports to interactive charts and much more. Plus, you’ll get access to over 1M images and icons, as well as real-time collaboration and analytics features. Learn more about our Team plan here

Details: Thursday, October 17th, at 4:00 PM BST (8:00 AM PDT, 11:00 AM EDT, 6:00 PM EEST).

To sign up, click on “Register now” below and fill out the details. You will receive a confirmation email with a webinar link. Use that link on the webinar date. 


* If you select the Team plan until the end of this year. 


Featured Speakers


Izaan MorrisonIzaan Morrison

Izaan Morrison is a leading Infogram data visualization expert. He has a wealth of experience helping major nonprofit organizations create more engaging reports and better communicate visually. Izaan hosts weekly webinars and trainings for Infogram users to help them create more impactful data visualizations.



Bertrams PurviskisRalfs Sataki

Ralfs Sataki is a sales executive at Infogram. He focuses on helping nonprofit organizations and educational institutions identify and solve problems associated with existing data visualizations, visual content creation, and communication processes. 



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