Webinar: How to Present Data Effectively in Research and Consulting

How to Present Data Effectively in Research and Consulting

Do you have data-heavy research or consulting presentation coming up, but are afraid no one will pay attention? Go visual and win your audience’s attention in less than 10 seconds with Infogram. 


Learn how to create powerful data visualizations without spending hours on the design. Register for our upcoming live webinar and start changing the way you present data. You’ll learn how to create visuals that speak louder than words, and bring numbers to life with dynamic charts.


You’ll also find out how other major research and consulting companies use Infogram to create truly engaging data reports. 


On July 24th, join our data presentation expert, Izaan Morrison, to learn:

  • How to create engaging data presentations and reports in minutes.
  • How to use interactive animations to capture people’s attention in seconds -- and keep it.

  • How to effectively share your data insights on your website or social media.

  • Why a compelling teaser is key for large whitepapers and reports.

  • What other major research and consulting companies have done to make their data visuals and presentations successful.


When? Wednesday, July 24th 04:00 PM BST (08:00 AM PDT, 11:00 AM EDT, 06:00 PM EEST).


Bonus: Everyone who attends the webinar will get for a FREE 1-month trial of the Infogram Team plan, so you and your team can use data insights to create powerful reports, interactive charts, and engaging presentations. 


Featured Speakers

Izaan MorrisonIzaan Morrison

Izaan Morrison is a leading Infogram data visualization expert. He has a wealth of experience helping major research and consulting companies create more engaging and persuasive reports and data presentations. Izaan hosts weekly webinars and training for Infogram users to help them create more impactful data visualizations.



Bertrams PurviskisBertrams Purviskis

Bertrams Purviskis is a Senior Sales Executive at Infogram. He focuses on helping corporate and institutional B2B clients identify and solve problems associated with existing data visualization, visual content creation, and communication processes.