21.06.2018 by Marisa Krystian

We are in the middle of one of the biggest sporting events in the world – World Cup 2018.  If you’re a big fan of the Beautiful Game, chances are you know some common stats. But, you could always learn more! We’ve collected 10 exciting World Cup data visualizations full of facts, match history, player info, football knowledge, and results.

1) Your complete guide to all 736 players at the 2018 World Cup

The Guardian put together biographies of every player in all 32 squads in Russia, including caps, goals, nicknames, and hobbies, plus ratings for every single performance at the World Cup finals. Navigate their interactive menu to learn more about your favorite team.

World Cup 2018

2) How the World is Searching for the World Cup

How the World is Searching for the World Cup is a collaboration among the Google News Initiative, Polygraph, Alberto Cairo, and Camilo Moreno Kuratomi. The project leverages Google Search Interest to identify trends throughout the World Cup. Click to interact with one of their interactive charts below – view the full project here.

3) Everything You Need to Know in 7 Charts

Is Germany really that good at penalties? How important is home advantage? And which Mexican defender has the same World Cup scoring record as Cristiano Ronaldo? As World Cup fever sets in, the BBC answers all that and more in just seven charts.

World Cup 2018

4) The Evolution Of FIFA World Cup Prize Money

This year, total World Cup prize money is going to be $791 million, of which $400 million will be distributed to the teams based on their performances/finishing position. Forbes and Statista published a chart showing an overview of the prize money’s development between 1982 and 2018.

World Cup 2018

5) The World Cup and TV Sales

Are you curious about the impact the World Cup has on TV sales? GFK combined a range of insights (from online pricing intelligence, point of sales, forecasting, and consumer attitudinal trends) to show how World Cup 2018 will affect TV sales.

World Cup 2018

6) A Data-Driven Approach to Ideal Team Line-Ups

In this blog post, data enthusiast James Le walks you through the step-by-step approach he used to build the most formidable line-up for the 8 acknowledged best teams in this tournament. See what he came up with using data from EA Sport’s extremely popular FIFA 18 video game.

World Cup 2018

7) Which Country Has the Most Expensive Squad at World Cup 2018?

Squad value is a good proxy for the quality of a team, so The Telegraph ranked all 32 World Cup countries based on their player’s worth in the transfer market to see if it gives any clear indications about who could triumph at Russia 2018.

World Cup 2018

8) Who the US Will Root for in the 2018 World Cup

With no U.S. team to root for this year, Vivid Seats breaks down which teams U.S. fans will get behind, as well as where the country’s biggest soccer fans live.

World Cup 2018

9) News, Fixtures & Results, and More

Aljazeera has become the place to go for in-depth articles, news, fixtures & results, and group activity. Visit their World Cup page for live updates and stats. Navigate their interactive tabs by day, live games, completed games, and current standings.

World Cup 2018

10) Russia World Cup 2018 by the Numbers

Covering key info such as goal stats, previous tournament facts, tournament qualifying data, and team values, this infographic from Fitness Savvy presents information in an easy to understand and shareable format – which is great for both kids and adults.

World Cup 2018

BONUS: The Ultimate Interactive Infographic

The Infogram team has designed an infographic with a page for every team, and we’ll be releasing new charts every week, so visit us again for insight into the world’s biggest football tournament.

World Cup 2018

Use Infogram to design your own player or team profile, visualize fun new stats, or share the results of the latest match. Tag Infogram and make sure to share your work on social media using #WorldCup2018.

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