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Infogram was built with the goal of increasing data literacy, giving anyone the power to visualize and share data in minutes.

Infogram was founded in 2012 by Uldis Leiterts, Raimonds Kaze and Alise Semjonova.
4 million
Working together in Riga (Latvia), Budapest (Hungary) and San Francisco, California, we now support over 4 million users.
1.5 billions
Infogram users have created charts, reports and infographics viewed over 1.5 billion times - and the number keeps growing!

Story + Data = The Future of Visual Communications

Infogram is now a part of Prezi, and together we help people connect more powerfully with their audiences and customers

Infogram is trusted by many great companies, including:

We're a rapidly growing company with amazing opportunities for top talent to shine and make a difference.

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