Features That Make Your Charts
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Charts and Maps Made Easy

Charts and Maps Made Easy

Infogram offers over 35 interactive charts and more than 500 maps to help you visualize your data beautifully. Create a variety of charts including column, bar, pie, or word cloud. You can even add a map to your infographic or report to really impress your audience.



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Beautiful Designs

Infogram is a better way to present data and convert your audience with compelling visuals. Choose from over 20 ready-made design themes or create a brand theme with your own logo, colors and fonts. Contact us to learn how we can make your work stand out.

Beautiful Designs
1 Million Images and Icons Available

1 Million Images and Icons Available

Choose from more than 1 million high quality stock photographs and over 500,000+ icons or upload your own pictures and GIFs. Find the image you need using our search bar to make an infographic your audience will remember.

Customize Your Way

Customize Your Way

The simple, light-weight data editor is intuitive. You can easily edit colors, styles, add icons and set specific display options to make your data shine.

Import Your Data With Ease

Infogram lets you easily access all the data you need. Edit data directly in the editor, connect to your favorite cloud service (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive), upload a spreadsheet or access your content programmatically with our API. We have different solutions for all your data needs.

Import Your Data With Ease

Download Infographics and Charts

Export Infogram’s data visualizations in high quality PNG, GIF or PDF formats. Grab your viewers’ attention across social networks by turning your charts into GIFs. Enterprise users can also self-host their charts and graphs with our interactive HTML exports.

Bar chart
Funnel chart
Line and column chart

Interactive Charts

Make your charts and graphs more engaging. Let your audience explore the data in a interactive way with Infograms tabs. You can also add links to elements of your chart like bars, columns, and pie slices to increase engagement and drive more traffic to your site.

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Interactive Maps

Visualize data from over 500 countries and regional territories using Infogram's interactive heat maps, geographical time-series data and marker icons.

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Publish your Content Online

Our infographics are fully responsive by default which means they automatically look great across all devices. Add your work to Facebook Instant Articles, publish on Medium or add them directly to WordPress using the Infogram WordPress plugin.

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Team Collaboration

Infogram is built for collaboration. Invite team members to edit your projects, define access permissions, set privacy settings, share folders, and create faster data visualizations together!

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Team Collaboration

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