Infogram for Teams

Collaborate to Communicate With Data

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Infogram for Teams helps your team visualize data and publish beautiful charts, graphs and reports easily. Shared folders, access permissions, and a simple perseat pricing ensure that your team can efficiently make your data look its best.
  • infographics, charts
    Share Inside the Team
    Shared folders help you organize your charts and graphs, and reuse them again easily.
  • infographics, charts
    Make Your Data Shine
    Our customers have the best looking data. Get the same with your own branding or custom designs
  • infographics, charts
    Connect Your Data
    Keep your data fresh by connecting live sources like Google Sheets, a Dropbox file, or a JSON feed.
Infogram for Teams
Pick a plan, then add team members. Same price per additional seat across plans.
$ 19 / month per team member
Business contains one license for the admin, Enterprise contains two user seats in addition to the admin.
Additional seats are $19 per month.
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