04.10.2017 by Marisa Krystian

The Infogram team has worked hard over the past few months improving classic features and installing major updates. Some you requested, and some you never knew you needed! Here are a few exciting changes we’ve made this summer:

Region names on map markers

Add region or country names to map markers. This is a great way to quickly add more information to your map or infographic, helping your viewer spot key locations in seconds. You can even change the text that appears over each marker once you’ve placed them on the map.

Copy charts between projects

Use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste elements from one project to another. This process is simple and saves you the trouble of re-creating a chart you want to re-use. This is hugely beneficial when working from an Infogram team account.

Link multiple datasets

Switch multiple related datasets in just one click. You can now link charts to create more engaging, interactive reports and infographics. Make sure your objects have the same tab names when you enable this feature in the project settings.

link charts infogram

Viewer data downloads

This awesome feature lets your viewers download data directly from your charts and maps. Simply turn the Download setting on under Chart Properties and you’ll see a small download button appear in the bottom left corner.

Font resizing for charts

Long awaited font resizing for charts and maps is now available under settings. Make your charts easier to read by changing the size of labels, legends, axes, and tooltips.

font resizing charts infogram

Add project descriptions

Add a description to your project to gain more visibility online. Summarize the content of your chart or infographic to get your publicly published work seen by more people.

Trash folder

Never lose an important project again. We’ve added a Trash folder that will store your deleted projects for 30 days until they are removed permanently. Want to salvage a project you deleted? Just visit the Trash folder and click ‘Restore.’


Say goodbye to misspellings for good. You worry about the charts, we’ll make sure you always look great.

Infogram for every industry

Our updated case study pages show you how Infogram can make you stand out in your industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re in marketing, education, business, or the media; we’re here to meet all of your data visualization needs.

New team plan

We recently launched a powerful new team plan for Enterprise users. Collaborate with your coworkers and colleagues with ease. Create shared folders, enjoy custom theme templates, and measure chart analytics.


We hope you like all the newness and can’t wait to try our latest features. We’ve even expanded chart settings to give you more control over axes labels, chart gridlines, value formats and interactive tooltips.

Want to see if Infogram is right your team? Request a 14-day trial of Infogram Business.