Infogram CEO Teams up with Prezi to Talk Data Presentations

15.09.2016 by Marisa Krystian

Data is everywhere! It’s important to be able to collect, analyze, and visualize the numbers in a compelling way. We know you want to present your data quickly, and you want it to be memorable. Sharing the right charts can be the key to a persuasive presentation.

On September 8, Infogram CEO Mikko Järvenpää joined presentation platform Prezi to talk about how to visualize data effectively. He shared best practices, unique insights, great examples, and colorful diagrams. Click the link below to learn how to tell engaging stories with data from our resident data expert.

Watch the Prezi Webinar

Tips from the webinar include:

  • Why metaphors are key to effective data visualization
  • How to choose the right visual metaphor to represent your data
  • An overview of common visualizations that work well for a wide variety of business presentations

data presentations

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Watch the Prezi Webinar