Moving Beyond the Stock Photo; How to Master Marketing with Visual Storytelling

29.04.2019 by marta

To snag prospects’ attention and keep your customers engaged, visual storytelling is key in marketing campaigns. Whether it’s a landing page, sales presentation, email campaign, infographic, or any of the hundreds of ways we’re vying to reach our customers, replacing chunks of text with a simple image, chart, or animated clip can help you to sum up ideas and messages quickly and effectively.

But using any old picture, gif, or graphic in place of words isn’t enough. Savvy content marketers know that today’s consumer demands more than just pretty pictures. Adding a chart to a complex data report doesn’t always help the average reader understand the numbers. And having some extra “likes” on a video might not drive more interaction or sales than an average recording.

We’ve joined forces with the expert marketers at Hubspot and the presentation masters at Prezi to bring you a new collection of actionable visual storytelling tips. Boost the effectiveness of your existing assets and craft marketing campaigns that inspire, engage, and convert your customers.

With our collective expertise and plenty of research, we’ve found that visual storytelling is not something you can just “plug in” around written content. Today’s marketers should really be shifting their strategies and finding ways to lead with visual storytelling and use it to enhance existing content.

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