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Reports provide in-depth information about a topic so companies can make informed business decisions. They summarize valuable data in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

Infogram is a free report-maker tool used to create stunning business reports. We offer a wide variety of designer templates, data import options, and chart types.

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Types of Reports

Sales reports

Sales reports track results and indicate how sales teams or individuals are performing. These reports can be daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. Sales reports help measure revenue targets and make it easy to spot problems.

Sales reports can include:

  • Turnover KPIs and expectations
  • Opportunity to win ratios
  • Number of emails, calls, and meetings
  • Best selling products and services
  • Opportunities and challenges

Marketing reports

Marketing reports give an overview of important marketing metrics over a period of time. They help identify what marketing activities are working and where there are opportunities for growth.

Marketing reports can include:

  • Campaign performance
  • Traffic and conversions
  • Social media metrics
  • Marketing and sales funnel
  • Lead nurture

HR Reports

HR reports give leaders and managers an overview of the overall health of a company. They display information about hiring, onboarding, performance, employment changes, and contracts.

HR reports can include:

  • Recruitment status
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Productivity metrics
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Training and developments

Financial reports

Financial reports provide information about a company's budget, expenses, assets, and revenue. These reports are usually built for stakeholders, investors, executives, or managers.

Financial reports can include:

  • Profit or losses
  • Budget forecasts
  • Spending overview
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flow statement

Year-in-review reports

Year-in-review reports sum up a company's performance over the previous year. They give insights about financial growth, major changes, important events and milestones.

Year-in-review reports can include:

  • Financial performance
  • Important milestones
  • Company growth
  • Wins and losses
  • Goals for the next year

How to create a report in 5 steps

  1. Log in to Infogram.
  2. Choose the project type ‘Report.’
  3. Pick a template.
  4. Add images, text, charts, and other elements with our simple drag-and-drop editor.
  5. Download your report, share with your team, or publish online.

Best practices for creating reports

  • Present data in a meaningful way by including the most important information.
  • Add information that helps people make better, informed decisions.
  • Use plain language that everyone can understand. Avoid buzz words or jargon.
  • Keep it simple. Make sure everyone can understand your message.
  • Make your story personal. Use examples and share case studies.

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