08.02.2017 by Marisa Krystian

In the 8th episode of our Data Visualization Workshop series, we explain how to publish and download Infogram projects. We will show you how to add interactive and static charts to your website, share on social media, save animated GIFs, download high quality PDFs for print, and create data-driven presentations.

We know you’re proud of your work and want to show off your data. Adding charts to marketing campaigns, news articles, and office presentations is a snap. We promise.


This video is a part of Infogram’s new instructional web series. This series consists of educational videos that are simple and easy-to-follow. We want to show you how to make the most of your data, giving you useful skills and helpful advice along the way.

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If you’re new to data visualization or have never used our tool, we encourage you to sign up or log in to Infogram. We think you’ll enjoy our beautiful templates, chart selection, icon library and easy-to-use infographic editor.