29.08.2018 by Marisa Krystian

You’ve spent hours organizing your data, building beautiful charts, adding interactive elements, and publishing online. So, now what? How do you know if people clicked and engaged with your work? How do you know what truly resonated with your audience?

Infogram’s powerful new analytics tool lets you track just that. Instead of building an infographic or report and hoping for the best, now you can measure the metrics that matter most, from the big picture down to the tiny details.

Views and Viewer Demographics

See how many views your projects have gotten, what device they were viewed on, and where in the world those views are coming from. This is crucial if you are focusing on overall traffic or need detailed viewer demographics.


Engagement and Shares

The most important question you may ask yourself after embedding or sending an Infogram link is, ‘Did they see it?’ Now you can find out how often your project made it to someone’s screen (even after scrolling), and the rate at which people actually interacted with it. You can also track how often people clicked the share button in order to share your work with others.

Hovers and Clicks

For a deep dive into the analytics of your project, we’ve made it possible to measure even the tiniest details. Keep track of how many people hovered over your tooltips, or clicked on your tabs, legends, and additional objects.

The Infogram team has worked hard to build a tool that makes interactive, animated data visualization a reality. Now you can gain valuable insight into what really matters, and stay out of the dark with Infogram’s Engagement analytics. To learn more visit our support page.


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