Video: How and Why Data Visualization Works

29.11.2017 by Marisa Krystian

The annual Crunch Data Engineering and Analytics Conference draws in data professionals from around the world to learn how to utilize data to develop their business. Companies of all sizes came to Budapest this year to gain inspiration from the biggest players in data.

Infogram CEO Mikko Järvenpää gave a powerful talk about the true impact of data visualization. He explained why we understand visualizations better than raw numbers, how visualizations transform data into action, and why visuals are the ultimate communication tool.

Presentation Highlights:

  1. Visuals are more intuitive than text alone – Text has a hard time competing with visuals. This is evident when it comes to delivering any piece of communication that is meant to be easily digestible, like an executive summary or report. We are hard-wired to find emotional cues within visuals. Photos, drawings, shapes, and colors can be quickly interpreted, which is why data visualizations are so effective.
  2. Data visualization is a type of language based on visual metaphors – Charts and maps are visual metaphors. They are visuals that represent concepts involving human activity and natural phenomenon. These visual metaphors affect our perception – or the way we accept information into our system.
  3. Data visualized properly leads to information and knowledge – There is a hierarchy of value that we operate on and it starts with data. When you process data, analyze it, and visualize it, you are adding value to it. That data now has more value because it has been transformed into information. Once that information is consumed (received, understood, remembered, and accessible) it becomes knowledge.


If you’d like to see Mikko’s full Crunch presentation, view the video below.

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