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Regulatory Quality in Southern Africa
Breakdown of Religions
Total Aid in Southern Africa
Foreign Aid in Southern Africa
Control of Corruption in Southern Africa
Foreign Investment Net Inflow
Control of Corruption in Southern Africa
Exports as a % of GDP
GDP Southern Africa
Amount of Aid in Southern Africa.
Which sub-region receives the most aid?
Trust in Sub Saharan Africa
Voice and Accountability in Central Africa.
Voice and Accountability in Southern Africa.
Rule of Law in Southern Africa
Political Instability in Sub Saharan Africa.
Government Effectiveness in Sub Saharan Africa
Religious Breakdown in Zimbabwe
Languages within Southern Africa
Number of languages spoken in Southern Africa.
Language Fractionalisation within Sub Saharan Africa.
Language Fractionalisation in the World.
Religious Fractionalisation of the World.
Religious Fractionalisation in Southern Africa
Ethnic Fractionalisation in East Africa.
Ethnic Fractionalisation within Southern Africa
Ethnic Fractionalisation in the World.
Ethnic Fractionalisation in Sub Sahara Africa.
HDI in ranked order for South America in 2010
HDI in ranked order in South America 2010
Relative size of GDP of sub sahara Africa countries
Relative size of South American countries GDP
Wealth of the World
Relative Size of Sub Sahara Africa countries in 2010
Relative size of South American population 2010
Relative size of population of the world.
Distribution of World GDP
CAGR population of regions of the world