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Infographics are visual elements that make complex information easy to understand. They usually consist of charts, images, and little text. 

what is an infographic

Infogram helps individuals and teams create beautiful infographics in minutes - no design or coding experience required. We simplify the process of making infographics by offering a variety of templates, maps, charts, icons, and high-quality images.

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Why should I make an infographic?

Infographics are a better way to:

  1. Communicate the story you're telling
  2. Make your content easy to understand
  3. Grab your viewer's attention
  4. Increase brand awareness and drive traffic
  5. Create viral content with compelling images and graphics

Most popular types of infographics

Infographics are a good way to share your brand’s story, raise awareness about a topic, make an argument, explain a process, or highlight trends. It all depends on the type of infographic you want to create. 

Here are the 12 most common types:

  • Data Centric – Shows statistical information in a variety of charts and figures.
  • Timeline – Shows information over a chronological time period, usually on a line.
  • How To – Shows a step-by-step process or the progression of information.
  • Geographical – Location based infographic using maps for geographical data.
  • Comparison – Compares and contrasts two different subjects or topics.
  • Hierarchical – Shows a chart with predefined levels or the hierarchy of a topic.
  • Flowchart – Starts at a single point, then shows how the topic branches or grows.
  • List – Shows mostly text and icons, listing information about a given subject.
  • Anatomical – Breaks down a subject’s composition, or shows how it works.
  • Visual Resume – Shows an applicant’s skills and experience using visuals and data.
  • Photo-Based – Based on a photo, uses text and data to explain a point.
  • Interactive – Online infographic that lets the viewer modify, control and explore data.

View this step by step guide to learn how to build an amazing infographic:

Infogram is the easiest way to communicate complex ideas in a visually appealing way

Impress your audience

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Infographics are the perfect addition to any report, presentation, social media post, marketing campaign, or blog post. They give you a unique opportunity to impress your audience, leaving them with a memorable piece of visual content.

Infogram’s drag-and-drop editor, interactive charts, and beautiful designs are guaranteed to set you up for success. 

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Find out how to use storytelling best practices to create powerful infographics that drive engagement. 

Create content faster

Infogram helps you make data visualizations faster by simplifying the content creation process.

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Boost traffic and social engagement

Use compelling visualizations to get more social shares and traffic from the web. Simplify communication with your customers using infographics and charts. 

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Publish your infographics easily

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Embed live charts and infographics on any website using our responsive embeds that are optimized to fit any screen. You can also download them as high-quality images - perfect for print.

Have you created an awesome infographic and want to share it with the world? Learn how to share and promote your infographic online with Infogram. 

Access to 1 million ready-to-use images, icons and flags

Find the images you need to make an infographic your audience will remember. Upload your own images or choose from more than 1 million high-quality stock photographs and over 500,000+ icons and flags.

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How to create an infographic in 5 easy steps:

  1. Choose an infographic template from our library or start from scratch
  2. CAdd charts, images, and icons
  3. Upload or copy and paste your data
  4. Customize design, colors, and fonts
  5. Download your infographic or embed online


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Infographic examples

Get inspired by our collection of impressive infographics examples.

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