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Basic account

Historical and projected Medicaid spending (billions)
Projected vs. actual private insurance enrollment (millions)
Percent of the public who thinks the health care system 'works well, minor changes needed'
Projected vs. actual enrollment by month (in millions)
Sources of health spending (2012)
Personal health expenditures (billions, 2012)
Insurance coverage under Obamacare (2024, in millions)
U.S. views on legality of abortion by trimester
Abortion rate and ratio (1999-present)
Colorado exchange enrollment, by age (October-December) enrollment (in thousands)
Obamacare enrollment in private plans (in thousands)
Adjusted average earnings by occupation 
Premiums on HealthCare.Gov for a 30-year-old female non-smoker (2013)
Abortion restrictions passed at mid-year, 2007-present
Health plan participation on state exchanges
Uninsured under Obamacare by race (millions)
Uninsured under Obamacare by employment status (millions)
Uninsured under Obamacare by income (millions)
Uninsured under Obamacare by age (millions)
Uninsured under Obamacare by nativity status (millions)
What Obama talked about
Where the Medicaid expansion population lives
Medicaid enrollment under the Obamacare expansion (thousands)
Health coverage by citizenship status
Effectiveness of medical treatments
Calorie Counts for Restaurant Meals