01.11.2017 by Marisa Krystian

Last week we announced a whole new Infogram experience. Since then, major publications and news sites have started publishing impressive infographics that are branded, interactive, and engaging. Because their designs are so eye-catching and fun, we decided to share them with you for a bit of inspiration.

Scroll down to see how companies are using Infogram to design compelling visuals.

1) Politico – Catalan Independence

Global political news leader Politico wrote a series of articles about the Catalan independence movement. In this article they shared stats about Catalonia’s contribution to Spain, highlighting what Spain would lose if Catalan secessionists succeed. While Catalonia only makes up 6 percent of the country’s territory, it accounts for a fifth of the economic output, a quarter of exports, and nearly a third of Spain’s Rio Olympic medalists.

Because Politico had a lot of data to publish, they used Infogram to visualize the numbers. Through the use of pictorial charts, icons, emoji, area charts, stacked bars, and maps, they were able to give a quick visual understanding of the bigger picture. The contrasting red and blue color scheme make it memorable and easy to read.

2) TechCrunch – Smart Speakers

As the smart home assistant race heats up, tech news powerhouse TechCrunch wants to keep you up to date. Amazon, Google, and Sonos have all held big events showcasing their latest smart speakers – so which one is right for you? TechCrunch decided to break down the specs of popular voice assistants by price, release date, assistant, and highlights.

Tables are a fantastic way to compare products because they help organize a lot of information in one clear grid. TechCrunch, using their signature green, created three tables – complete with uploaded icons of each smart speaker for reference. They turned what could have been a boring list of stats into a cool, shareable article.

3) Imagination – Financial Services on Mobile

Technology changes rapidly. Responsive websites, mobile marketing campaigns, and user-friendly apps are all required now to effectively reach customers where they are – on their smartphones. The content marketing experts at Imagination created a beautiful interactive infographic to illustrate these growing trends.

Imagination did an excellent job telling a story with data. Their infographic flows effortlessly through the narrative, enhanced by bubble charts, stacked columns, GIFs, clickable tabs, and a playful color palette.

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