17 Data Visualization Influencers to Follow on Twitter

30.03.2017 by Anete Ezera

There is a huge data-loving community on Twitter, and it’s constantly growing! More charts and infographics are being shared than ever before, with new faces popping up every day. We encourage you to spice up your Twitter feed with tweets from popular data journalists, scientists, analysts, designers, and data visualization experts.

We’ve picked 17 individuals that consistently tweet awesome charts:

Data Visualization Influencers on Twitter


1) Shirley Wu – @sxywu

Shirley Wu, one-half of the popular Data Sketch collaboration, is a software engineer who builds beautiful data visualizations. Her tweets are playful and packed with data.

2) Nadieh Bremer – @NadiehBremer

Nadieh, the second-half of Data Sketch, is a freelancer who is passionate about innovative data visualization and data art. She is a lover of D3, R, travel, and cats.

3) RJ Andrews – @infowetrust

RJ Andrews is on a mission to ‘humanize information.’ His website Info We Trust is full of his latest work, data adventures, info sketches, and writing. So is his Twitter feed!

4) Catherine Madden – @catmule

Catherine is a UX designer, data lover, and doodler. Her official design career evolved from print, to user interface, to user experience, to info design, to data visualization.

5) Max Roser – @MaxCRoser

Max Roser is a researcher at Oxford University. Follow him for data visualizations of long-term trends of living standards, mostly from his publication Our World in Data.

6) Jon Keegan – @jonkeegan

Jon Keegan is a visual journalist and Senior Research Fellow at Tow Center for Digital Journalism. He tweets fascinating, relevant stories often. View his work here.

7) Chiqui Esteban – @chiquiesteban

Chiqui Esteban is the Deputy Graphics Director for The Washington Post. His prior experience includes National Geographic and The Boston Globe, so he knows his stuff.


8) Elijah Meeks – @Elijah_Meeks

Elijah Meeks is a senior data visualization engineer at Netflix where he helps understand how people experience Netflix. He is also the author of D3.js in Action

9) Mona Chalabi – @MonaChalabi

Mona Chalabi is an illustrator, data editor for The Guardian, and columnist for New York Magazine. Her hand drawn visualizations have made her a hit on Instagram and Twitter.

10) Kirk Borne – @KirkDBorne

Kirk Borne is the Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton. He specializes in big data, machine learning, statistics, and data visualization. Check out his blog!

11) Heather Krause – @datassist

Heather Krause is interested in turning data into stories that move people. She is the Founder and Principal Data Scientist at Datassist, helping non-profits and journalists.

12) Emily Badger – @emilymbadger

Emily Badger is a writer for The New York Times covering urban policy for The Upshot. She writes about urban planning, housing, poverty, and inequality.


13) Mara Averick – @dataandme

Mara Averick is a research analyst, web developer, data nerd, and sports lover. You can expect fun stats and great visualization tweets from Mara on a daily basis.

14) Evan Sinar – @EvanSinar

Evan Sinar is Chief Scientist and VP at Development Dimensions International. He tweets about data, HR analytics, and leadership. He is up to date on the latest trends.


15) Michael Porath – @poezn

Michael Porath is the product manager for data visualization at Splunk. Based in the Bay Area, he is a self-proclaimed Swiss Information Scientist who makes great work.

16) Ritchie King – @RitchieSKing

Ritchie King is the senior editor for data visualization at FiveThirtyEight. Keep up to date on the latest data relating to politics, sports, and pop culture.


17) Robert Kosara – @eagereyes

Robert Kosara is a research scientist at Tableau Software. His focus is on the communication of data through visualization and storytelling. Check out his blog!


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