Add a Chart to Your Presentation

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Data visualizations are the best way to present data. Charts, maps, and infographics help your audience understand complicated data sets and dense bits of information. They've also been proven to help people absorb information faster and retain it.

If you’re in the process of building a presentation or report, chances are you have data you’d like to include. We know you want to present your data quickly, and you want it to be memorable. Sharing the right charts can be the key to a persuasive presentation.

Adding a Chart to Your Presentation

Infogram makes it easy to create charts and graphs to add to presentations. We are going to show you how to integrate Infogram’s charts with your presentation tool to fully engage your audience.

3 Steps to Enhance Your Presentation with Charts

  1. Pick the right chart for your data, make it easy to read and provide context.
  2. Download your chart as a high-quality image or an animated GIF.
  3. Insert the image into your presentation software.

Add a Chart to Prezi

In 2017, it’s possible to wow your audience with an engaging data-driven presentation. That’s why we’d like to show you how to easily add Infogram charts to the popular presentation tool Prezi, which is known for its highly-effective interactive canvas.


Do you have questions about which type of chart to use? Check out this article.