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Infogram empowers nonprofit organizations (NPO) to create amazing infographics, reports, maps, and charts in minutes. Learn how to communicate with data and inspire people to take action.

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We want to help you connect with your audience in a powerful way. Transform your data and passionate ideas into eye-catching visuals.

We’re here to help. Meet an Infogram expert that will answer your questions and show you what you can achieve with Infogram. We have special price for nonprofits.

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“We wanted to create good content in a nice visual way, with a lot of design – but fast! We started using Infogram because of that.”

Wagner Faria de Oliveira, Researcher

Wagner Faria de Oliveira, Researcher

“With Infogram we have found a tool that makes it easy to communicate facts and numbers through infographics and charts. And it’s easy to use. It’s been e great return on investment.”

Alan Nyhus, Danmarks Naturfredningsforening

Alan Nyhus, Danmarks Naturfredningsforening

Boost your marketing and communication efforts

Meaningful visuals help to attract supporters, volunteers and donations.

90% Spend more time on page with interactive charts and infographics
34% More shares with stunning data visualizations
Your brand and style
Keep design consistent with themes and templates that match your brand's colors, fonts, and style guidelines. Branded projects can be repurposed, copied, and reused - which saves time.
Live data feeds
Connect live, real-time data to your visualization projects for up-to-the-minute updates. Embedded charts and infographics stay current, no manual work required.
Publish your content easily
Our charts can easily be added to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), Medium Stories and any CMS (Content Management System). We also have an Infogram’s WordPress plugin
Compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)
This means people with disabilities like vision impairment, limited movement, and cognitive limitations can read, understand, and navigate through our visual content. Now you can make sure that everyone sees your message, while helping to make the Internet a more inclusive, fair, and equal opportunity digital ecosystem.

Built for Nonprofit Organizations


Infogram is built for collaboration. Create content faster and make your team more effective. Invite team members to edit projects and collaborate with ease. Use infographics, reports, charts, and maps to share the mission of your organization. Express your vision and inspire people to follow your cause.

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“With Infogram, Zephyr is able to create neighborhood specific mailings with data and charts in an afternoon instead of a week.”

– Melody Foster, VP of Marketing at Zephyr

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“Everyone from reporters to producers to graphics people use Infogram to create charts and visualizations.”

– Matt Martel, Executive Editor at Fairfax Media

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“We wanted to create good content in a nice visual way, with a lot of design – but fast! We started using Infogram because of that.”

– Wagner Faria de Oliveira, Researcher

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“At GTB we pride ourselves on creating content which engages, so it’s critical we understand the impact of our work. With the simplicity of Infogram we can create reports with all the detail we need while being easy to read and quick to create.”

– Fabrizio Rinaldi, Social Media Director

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“Our researchers are very data driven but also visual. With Infogram, for each finding and dataset, we were able to quickly test different visualizations and then choose the best option. We were able to quickly in a very agile manner develop the look and feel of our graphs.”

– Andreas Oszkiel, Operations Manager

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