24.11.2020 by Kristine Spure

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, companies are working hard to capture shoppers’ attention (and wallets). Retailers have begun discounting products earlier, and 25% of US shoppers have already bought holiday gifts.

While shoppers are taking advantage of early sales and promotions, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still key revenue dates for retailers. 

With the pressure on to meet (and hopefully exceed) holiday sales goals, it is imperative to capture your customer’s attention this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This article covers a few quick and easy ways to help boost sales using data visualizations.

From sprucing up social media, enhancing email marketing, and freshening up blog content, there are several interactive and simple-to-use tools you can incorporate into your marketing strategy to engage clients and increase sales.

Spruce up your social media

Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are key to sales conversion, and these apps are primarily accessed via phones and tablets. That’s why you need to make sure your content is:

  • Interactive and engaging to ensure more click-throughs and likes
  • Formatted to look great on mobile devices

What does that mean regarding your content? Infogram has a wide range of ready-to-use social media graphics, as well as the ability to build custom graphics – no coding required! We also offer templates exclusively for Facebook, so it’s really easy to get started.

A Black Friday post template for Facebook.

If you want to get even more creative, learn how to increase social media engagement by using photo filters, interactive data, and charts, as well as infographics. When your content is beautiful, engaging, and really WOWs your audience, interaction (and sales!) will increase.

Use data visualization in email marketing

We’re bombarded daily with emails. The average office worker receives 121 emails per day. In North America, the average click-through for emails is only 3.1%. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday being key shopping dates, the number of emails customers will receive in this time period will increase. 

Your challenge is to stand out from the crowd to make a meaningful impact on potential customers. Add meaningful, engaging, or fun content to boost interaction. Here are several ideas:

  • Use interactive charts. Move beyond simply using words and static images. If you’re trying to reach an audience with compelling data, including interactive charts will increase engagement and make readers stay on your page longer. Using a comparison chart that allows customers to click through and learn how past clients have used (and loved) your product is much more compelling than providing a list of figures.
  • Get creative and use interactive infographics to explain a product or tell a story. Placing these in your email marketing campaigns will increase clicks, likes, and reposts and draw more people to your brand and products.
  • Use animated and sticker gifs to add variety to a traditional email. With Infogram, you can be certain it will look good on multiple devices, from phones to tablets to desktops.

Freshen up blog content

Blogs help increase audience engagement by utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) to drive potential customers to your webpage. But here’s the thing – choosing the right keywords and using a certain word count isn’t enough to drive traffic. 

If you’re looking to grab Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers, post engaging and interesting content to your blogs and encourage longer site visits and more clicks.

First off, elevate your images with photo filters. We’re not just talking about the standard Snapchat and Instagram dog filters. When images are polished, consistent, and visually pleasing, it elevates your brand and drives loyalty. Besides, it’s actually super simple to use photo filters – learn how in this quick tutorial

Infographics are also ideal for blog content. For example, infographics that explain holiday shopping trends and figures are much more engaging than standard articles. In addition, infographics allow you to take a lot of text and figures and condense them in a way that’s visually appealing and interesting for your audience.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are traditionally the biggest shopping days in the United States. Simply offering deep discounts on your goods or services might not be enough to draw in new and existing customers. 

Using different types of data visualization, however, will enhance your social media posts, email marketing campaigns, and blog content. That way, you’re much more likely to create a compelling brand presence online, thus boosting audience engagement and sales.

Get started with Infogram today and be prepared to rock your Black Friday and Cyber Monday.