25.08.2016 by Marisa Krystian

The Infogram office can’t stop talking about GIFs and maps! Our team has spent the past month tweaking chart settings, creating new map options, and adding the ability to make chart GIFs. Here are Infogram’s major updates for the month of August:

1) Introducing GIFs

We are very excited to announce our new GIFs feature. You now have the ability to save any chart as an animated GIF. Not only can you turn any Infogram chart into a GIF, you can also upload GIFs to your Infogram library and add them to your next infographic.

Summer Oympics Medals table

Our GIF feature is brand new, and people are already sharing their creations on social media! GIFs are the perfect addition to any tweet, blog post, article, presentation, report, or email marketing campaign.

2) Map Tile Layers, Region Names, and Icons

Infogram’s mapping options have skyrocketed. In July we introduced the addition of region names and 200,000+ icons. Now you can create map tile layers for a more detailed, interactive mapping experience.

Simply double click your map to open the editor window and select ’tile layer’ from the top bar. Once you have turned ’tile layer’ on, you can switch between Wikimedia maps, watercolor, and a few options that are ideal for printing. Pretty cool, huh?

map demo

3) Enhanced Chart Settings

Pie Chart – Pie chart call-out labels have been cleaned up for more space and better readability.

Column Chart – Our default column chart now applies the Golden Ratio to the spacing between bars. 

golden ratio

4) Node.js API Library

If you want to integrate the Infogram API with a node.js application, feel free to use our library. For more information, click here

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