04.05.2017 by Marisa Krystian

The way we consume news has changed dramatically over recent years. Traditional media outlets are constantly faced with fresh challenges, but also exciting new opportunities. Online publishers who move fast and experiment with emerging technologies will stay relevant and grow their audience.

If you are a member of the media, you know that it’s your job to grab people’s attention and keep them coming back for more. Readers count on you to share the latest facts and figures, which is why journalists rely on Infogram to help them create compelling data-driven content.

Here are a few reasons why Infogram is the go-to data visualization tool for news sites:

Increase Audience Engagement

Data visualizations add depth to articles, helping to break up the flow and increase engagement. In fact, 90% of readers spend more time on pages with interactive charts or infographics and 34% have shared them more often on Social Media.

Politico used Infogram to explain 13 facts you may not know about Brexit. With the use of various bar charts and the pictorial chart you see below, they were able to turn complex datasets into easy-to-digest interactive visuals.

Create Content Fast

Infogram helps newsrooms work faster by simplifying the content creation process. It only takes minutes to create a beautiful, polished chart or map. Simply copy and paste your data into our editor or upload a spreadsheet, make small adjustments to the design (color, chart dimensions, text copy), and publish!

Matt Martel is the Executive Editor, Presentation and Photography at Fairfax Media, responsible for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and The Australian Financial Review. He praised Infogram’s ability to save his team time.

“Where some projects would have in the past taken a day or two, it now takes us 15 minutes to get the same job done,” explained Martell.

With over 35+ chart types, more than 500 regional maps, and 1-million ready to use images and icons – we have everything you need to visualize a powerful data story.

Publish for Web and Print

It doesn’t matter if you are designing visualizations for the web or for print, we have multiple export options to fit all of your publishing needs. We offer embeds for easy online interactivity, along with high-quality downloads for print. You can even download your charts as animated GIFs to share on social media.

If most of your readers access your articles on their cell phones or tablets, you’re in luck. Our charts are optimized for mobile and responsive layouts – so you know your work will look great everywhere. We support Facebook Instant Articles, Medium embeds and integrate with various CMS systems.

Euronews wrote an article about young Europeans and their beliefs about religious expression. They used a stacked bar, grouped column, and standard interactive bar chart (seen here) to tell their story. Infogram lets you visualize multiple datasets on one chart, saving you space while inviting readers to interact with your data.

Consistent Brand Messaging

Infogram offers beautiful themes for you to choose from, but you can also fully customize chart colors to match your brand – helping maintain consistency and company messaging. Depending on your plan, you can upload your own logo to feature in the bottom right corner. Both examples featured in this article display the company logo and branded color schemes, designed especially for each organization.

Perfect for Teams

Our team management tool is built to reflect the everyday news outlet workflow, providing full command over creating and publishing visual content. Define different access levels and privacy controls while having 100% control over your assets.


Infogram is used by some of the largest newsrooms and editorial teams around the world. Are you ready to join them? Visit our media page to learn more about how Infogram can help you create beautiful data visualizations.