Create a Facts & Figures Chart

Facts & Figures charts are visual representations of specific stats. They highlight key points using images, icons, color, and text.

Infogram is a free chart maker tool to create beautiful and engaging Facts & Figures charts. 

Create Facts & Figures


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When to Use Facts & Figures

You can use Facts & Figures to support your narrative and share key numbers. The subtle combination of eye-grabbing icons, big bold numbers, and explanatory text draws people in and conveys important stats in seconds.

How to Create Facts & Figures with Infogram

  1. Log in to Infogram
  2. Select the chart type Facts & Figures
  3. Upload or copy and paste your data
  4. Customize the layout and style (add icons, pick fonts, and adjust colors
  5. Download your Facts & Figures chart or embed on your website

Facts & Figures Best Practices

  • Start with a purpose - decide what your audience needs to know
  • Focus on key points. Make sure readers can quickly see what is important
  • Use topic sentences to introduce the facts
  • Choose icons that are relevant and clear
  • Use plain language so your chart is easy to understand


Create Facts & Figures