How to increase social media engagement

11.11.2019 by Kristine Spure

Social media engagement has moved beyond simply having a lot of followers. Building an active and passionate community is necessary for brands to compete in today’s marketplace. Simply put: higher engagement equals higher sales and brand recognition. 

Consumers are savvy and can spot accounts with fake followers and limited interaction. They are drawn to images, charts, and data that are dynamic and naturally engaging. Static and 2D images on social media are less likely to make an impact. 

Read on to learn some basic and actionable tips to help boost your social media engagement immediately. By elevating images with filters and gifs, and adding in interactivity, you can elevate your company’s recognition and clout to stand out from the competition. 

Using photo filters to drive social engagement

Did you know that 90% of information that comes into the brain is visual, and 40% of people learn better with visuals instead of text? Individuals are more drawn to images when they’re scrolling through web pages and apps (discover the visual stats that every content marketer needs to know here). When customers are more engaged with your brand’s images, they’re also spending more time with your content and your company over other options.

Photo filters are a quick and easy way to add continuity and professionalism to your social posts (and brand). When images are consistent and beautiful to look at, customers will interact with your brand longer. Learn how to boost engagement using photo filters here.

If you already understand why photo filters help build engagement, your next step would be to learn how to add them. Sticker GIFs are also a valuable tool, especially on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Elevating data to increase interaction and storytelling

While pictures and images initially grab your audience, compelling text and data keep them interacting with your brand longer. Simply having a text-heavy article or presentation will bore viewers. Data that is thoughtfully laid out and shares information in an interesting way will increase audience engagement. 

When confronted with a lot of data, it’s hard to know where to begin. Try these 4 tips to tell an effective data story. If you feel overwhelmed with how to share a story using a lot of data, here are 5 ways to find emotion and use actionable storytelling to boost engagement.

Another great tool to increase social media engagement is data visualization. When you have the ability to animate, embed text, and make data more dynamic, viewers can learn more about a topic on their own by simply swiping, hovering, zooming, scrolling, or clicking their way through data-driven visuals.

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As engaging as visuals are, you do still need more than that to convey your message – remember to use text where appropriate. Having a balance of text and visuals will help your viewers retain more information. 

Using charts and other interactive content to boost social engagement

Did you know we boosted social engagement by 155% by simply using interactive charts? Taking static data points and elevating them with interactive and animated charts increased social media engagement. Learn specific techniques to build unforgettable stories with interactive content here.

There’s a tendency to only think about Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram when it comes to social engagement, but using interactive content also helps boost engagement for blogs, websites, and online presentations. From reports to product launches to presentations, presenting interactive data will make an impact and boost engagement.

Infographics to increase social engagement

Infographics are one of the most compelling ways to increase social engagement. Their stories are rich with visuals, charts, and colors. Infographics communicate the story you’re trying to tell in a simple and easy-to-understand format. They help increase brand awareness and drive traffic and social engagement. Learn how to create an effective infographic here while exploring the multiple options and best practices available

Once you’ve created a beautiful and effective infographic, it’s time to properly share it. Brush up on how to share and promote your infographic online.


Social media engagement is much more than follower count. When your audience is engaged with your content, they stay longer and have more loyalty to your product and brand. 

Creating a social media plan and vision will help boost social engagement and brand recognition. Easy-to-create, engaging, and dynamic images, data, infographics, charts, and more are available to boost your business today. Sign up or log in to Infogram to get started today.