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Stand Out and Make Lasting Impact

In the ever-evolving landscape of nonprofit organizations and NGOs, standing out and making a lasting impact is more important than ever. That's why our tool is specifically designed to empower you in achieving your mission. With Infogram, you can effortlessly create compelling content that deeply connects with your audience and amplifies your cause.

Crafting data-driven narratives can be a powerful tool in captivating your supporters and inspiring them to take action. We understand your time is valuable as a communications manager, content marketer, or digital strategist. That's why our user-friendly interface streamlines the entire process, from importing data to the final polished product. Spend less time on technicalities and more time crafting captivating stories that truly resonate with your audience.

Our platform is built with simplicity in mind, ensuring you can navigate through every step with ease. No more feeling overwhelmed by complex tools or getting lost in the intricacies of digital marketing. We provide you with an intuitive experience that allows you to focus on what you do best: crafting compelling narratives that drive engagement and create impact.

With our tool, you have the power to create content that connects deeply with your audience, inspiring them to become passionate advocates for your cause. Our user-friendly interface eliminates the barriers that might stand between you and your storytelling goals. You can effortlessly unleash your creativity and communicate your mission effectively, making a lasting impression on your supporters.

Start making a meaningful impact today with our user-friendly digital marketing solution, tailored to the unique needs of nonprofit organizations and NGOs. Together, let's tell stories that inspire action and create a better world.

7 Reasons to Try Infogram Today

Discover the reasons why you should try Infogram and revolutionize your visual content.

Engage Your Audience

The success of your organization relies on effectively engaging your audience, whether it's donors, volunteers, or community members. Infogram provides a wide range of interactive features that captivate and involve your stakeholders, encouraging them to explore, interact, and delve deeper into your data.

With interactive maps highlighting your projects' locations, your supporters can visualize the impact your organization is making in their communities. Dynamic charts that update in real time keep your audience informed and engaged with the latest data.

Measure and Track Impact with Ease

Monitoring and evaluating the impact of your programs is crucial for nonprofit organizations. Infogram provides tools to visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) and track progress over time. By visually representing your organization's impact metrics, you can easily analyze trends, identify areas for improvement, and communicate the results of your initiatives to stakeholders.

With Infogram's data visualization capabilities, you can transform complex data sets into meaningful visual representations, making it easier to monitor and showcase the progress and effectiveness of your programs.

Boost Social Media Presence

In today's digital age, social media platforms play a vital role in amplifying your nonprofit organization's reach and engaging with a broader audience. Visual content is highly shareable and engaging on social media, and Infogram enables you to create eye-catching visuals optimized for social media sharing.

With Infogram's customizable templates, you can incorporate your organization's branding and key messages into your visualizations, creating visually appealing content that resonates with your target audience. By sharing compelling visual stories through social media channels, you can increase your organization's social media presence, attract new followers, and amplify the reach of your mission, ultimately driving greater awareness and support for your cause.

Unleash the Power of Data

Numbers and statistics can be overwhelming, but with Infogram, you can turn them into impactful visuals that clearly convey your organization's progress, goals, and impact. Whether you're sharing fundraising metrics to demonstrate the effectiveness of your campaigns, showcasing project milestones to highlight your accomplishments, or presenting research findings to advocate for change, our intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create beautiful and informative visualizations.

Collaboration Made Simple

We understand nonprofits and NGOs often work in teams, with multiple contributors and stakeholders involved in the data visualization process. Infogram's collaborative features allow you to streamline teamwork, ensuring everyone has access to the latest data, templates, and designs.

With real-time collaboration and commenting, you can seamlessly work together, eliminating version control issues and boosting productivity. Whether you have a team spread across different locations or volunteers contributing remotely, Infogram keeps everyone connected and aligned, empowering you to create impactful visuals together.

Seamless Integration

Infogram easily integrates with the tools you already use, allowing you to import data from spreadsheets, databases, and other platforms. Our platform also integrates with popular content management systems, including WordPress, making it easy to embed your visualizations directly into your website or blog.

With Infogram, your visual content becomes an integral part of your digital presence, enhancing your website's engagement and ensuring your data-driven stories are accessible to your online visitors.

Comprehensive Support

We're committed to helping you succeed in your data visualization journey. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way, offering expert guidance, resources, and tutorials to ensure you get the most out of Infogram. Whether you have a quick question about a specific feature or need in-depth assistance in creating visually stunning and impactful content, we're here to support you.

We understand the unique challenges nonprofits and NGOs face, and we're dedicated to helping you effectively communicate your mission and drive positive change through data visualization.

Explore Most Loved Features

Image Background Removal

Remove unnecessary backgrounds from images with a simple click. Cut out objects, create photomontages, and more.


Chart Library

Choose from a diverse range of chart types in Infogram's extensive library. Customize colors and labels to present your data in a visually compelling way, making complex information easily understandable.


Map Library

Visualize geographic data effectively with Infogram's map library. Select from various map styles and formats to enhance the impact of your storytelling and showcase regional insights.


Data Import

Effortlessly import data from various sources into Infogram, ensuring accurate and up-to-date visualizations for your reports. Streamline your data management process and focus on analyzing insights.


Annotations and Callouts

Add explanatory text, highlights, and insights to your data visualizations with Infogram's annotation and callout features. Provide context and enhance audience understanding of your nonprofit's impact.


Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly with your team members, editors, and contributors in real-time. Share projects, leave comments, and track changes, facilitating efficient teamwork and content creation.


Auto-Aligning Content

Simplify the layout of your projects with Infogram's auto-align feature. With just a click, you can easily change the alignment of objects on your canvas, enabling you to create image galleries or dashboards with ease.


Project Embeds

Enhance your website or blog with interactive visualizations by seamlessly integrating them through Infogram's project embeds. Create an engaging and immersive experience for your audience.


Brand Kit

Ensure consistent branding across all your projects with Infogram's brand kit. Effortlessly upload and apply your nonprofit's logos, color schemes, and fonts to maintain a cohesive visual identity.


Content Engagement Analytics

Gain valuable insights into audience behavior and engagement with Infogram's comprehensive analytics. Refine your content strategy based on real-time feedback, ensuring maximum impact and resonance.


Customer Reviews

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2022 Summer & Fall and 2023 Winter leader in Data Visualisation Software 4.7 out of 5 stars

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Empowering 30,000+ Companies Worldwide

From startups to established enterprises, our platform has been embraced by a diverse range of businesses seeking to captivate audiences and simplify complex data. Here are just a few examples of the 30,000+ companies that use Infogram.

Transparency InternationalLinkedInFast CompanyMSNIntercomGoodyearPoliticoFairFax MediaTomTomSkyscannerSymantecWashington ExaminerJLLNerdWalletPharma Intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Infogram help me present data in an engaging way?

Infogram's chart libraryinteractive elements, and customizable design features enable you to present data in a visually appealing and interactive manner, capturing your audience's attention and enhancing their understanding.

Why is interactive content useful?

Interactive content is useful for several reasons:

  • Increased Engagement: Interactive content is more engaging than traditional content because it allows users to participate actively and interact with the content. This can lead to higher levels of engagement, which can help to improve retention and increase the chances of users sharing the content with their friends and followers.
  • Personalization: interactive content can be personalized to the user's interests or needs, making it more relevant and useful.
  • Brand Awareness: Interactive content can help to increase brand awareness by providing a unique and memorable experience that users are likely to share with their friends and followers. This can help to increase your reach and build brand loyalty.
  • Improved User Experience: Interactive content can help to improve the user experience by providing a more enjoyable and informative experience that meets their needs and interests.

How do you create interactive content in Infogram?
  1. Open your library.
  2. Choose a project you want to create (infographicsreportsslides, etc.)
  3. If you want some inspiration, choose one of many Infogram templates or select a blank template to start from scratch.
  4. After you have chosen your project type and template, you can start editing your project (you can add chartsmaps, and other graphic elements that better suit your project).

Can I collaborate with my team on a project in Infogram?

Yes, Infogram provides real-time collaboration features that allow you to share reports with your team, gather feedback, and work together to create impactful reports.

How can Infogram help me present data in an engaging way?

Infogram's chart libraryinteractive elements, and customizable design features enable you to present data in a visually appealing and interactive manner, capturing your audience's attention and enhancing their understanding.

What are content engagement analytics?

Analytics is an essential tool for measuring the success of your published content in the digital realm. With the ability to track key metrics and analyze data from different sources, you can gain important insights into the performance of your content strategy. This information allows you to optimize your approach and make data-driven decisions to drive engagement, conversions, and revenue growth.

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