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Charts are graphical representations of data. Charts make it easy to understand large quantities of data, find patterns and relationships and identify trends. Infogram offers a wide variety of charts ranging from interactive bar charts, area charts, pie charts to more complex ones like treemaps, word clouds, scatter charts or candlestick charts.

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A chart is a graphical representation of data that helps condense large amounts of information into an easy-to-understand format. Interactive charts are great for highlighting the most important points in your data. Using charts, the audience understands the main takeaway without getting confused by too many numbers and bits of information.

Interactive charts are the opposite of boring and can be used to supplement different kinds of content, including:

  • Business reports and presentations
  • Blog posts
  • News articles
  • Social media content
  • Marketing and PR campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • eBooks
  • Presentations and slides

Why create interactive charts

When you build an interactive chart to visualize your story or report, it keeps your audience engaged with your content for longer. Visuals make it easier to captivate your audience and explain complicated data in a simpler way.

Create your best chart example with Infogram

At Infogram, we've built an easy-to-use tool that helps anyone visualize their data and create various types of charts in minutes. Add interactive elements such as animations, gifs, interactive maps, and more.

There are more than 15 chart types to choose from, including line charts, pictorial charts, treemaps, word clouds, and more. Pick the most suitable style for your data-driven story and create a captivating chart to wow your audience.

We have a large database of 200 customizable chart templates to choose from. Or you can find a chart example created by other Infogram users to get inspired for your own dataviz.

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