GDPR Commitment

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new law to strengthen the protection of EU citizens’ data. Learn how Infogram puts GDPR into practice.

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Your data security is our top priority

Protecting your sensitive information is job one for our dedicated data security team. That’s why we’ve taken every measure to comply with GDPR requirements.

GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation) is a set of rules designed to strengthen the privacy rights of EU citizens by establishing standards for organizations that collect or process personal data. 

One of the key principles of GDPR is to provide more transparency concerning the information we ask you for and how it’s used. We see GDPR as an important step in streamlining data protection requirements across the EU.

You can read the full version of GDPR here, but some highlights include:

  • EU individuals can now elect to show or delete their personal data

  • There are additional requirements, including the implementation of appropriate policies and security protocols, for organizations that profile and monitor the behavior of EU individuals

  • Data breaches must be reported to data protection authorities

How Infogram puts GDPR into practice

Policy reviews and updates

We’ve rolled out an updated version of our privacy policy to reflect the requirements of GDPR. This includes specific guidelines on how you can review this information, and how to modify or request deletion of your data from our database.

Data map updates and third-party vendors

We took an extensive look at our product to assess what information we collect and how it’s processed. We also reviewed how we send data to third-party vendors and how they store, protect, and dispose of it. We’re committed to keeping our records current with frequent reviews and enhanced internal processes.

Partnering with vendors to meet our requirements

We work only with partners and vendors who have adequate security controls in place and who’ve agreed to a specific data processing addendum in compliance with GDPR.  

Enhanced security measures

To protect your data and keep us GDPR-compliant, we periodically conduct risk assessments, external vulnerability scans, and penetration tests. We also train our teams on an individual basis to ensure compliance.

These are just a few of the steps we’ve taken to protect you and your data under GDPR rules, but we’re equally committed to ensuring a smooth experience for you and all our users.


Please feel free to contact us with questions any time.

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