Your Privacy is Important to Us

Version v1.3
Effective June 3, 2022

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Prezi (“Prezi”, “us”, or “we”) and Infogram (“Infogram”, “us”, or “we”) take the privacy of our customers, business partners, shareholders, and employees seriously. We are committed to safeguarding Your privacy while providing You with high-quality solutions. You will find here the details of our global privacy policy. Prezi and Infogram have established its data protection and privacy program based on each of the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the United Kingdom (UK) GDPR. As the EU GDPR is the most stringent data protection regulation, we have baselined its program to assure the maximum level of protections of personal data and rights of data subjects. As local data protection regulations may differ, we do monitor those differences where we operate or have an ecosystem partner. You will find reference to specific regional or local regulations that provide residents of those locations specific rights and require specific handling, as may be applicable, at the end of this document.

This Privacy Policy applies to the and website, associated software (including Prezi Desktop, and other apps and services that specifically state that this Privacy Policy applies to them (collectively the “Service(s)” or “Prezi Services” or “Infogram Services”). It excludes services that have separate privacy policies that do not incorporate this Privacy Policy. Please note that if you are using Prezi or Infogram within another solution, such as Zoom, Webex, Meet or Teams, the Privacy Policies of those platforms may apply separately to you while we continue to abide by the commitments made herein with regard to your use of Prezi and Infogram.

This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect from you, how we use that information, how you can review or change the personal information you provided to us, when this policy is effective, how we may change this policy, and the steps we take to ensure that your personal information is protected. We share your personal information only with your consent or as described in this Privacy Policy.

In specific cases, we use the term “Designated Countries” to refer to countries in the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland.

High Level Overview of our Approach to Privacy

  1. We recognize and respect your privacy. That means we only collect information we must have to fulfill our commitments and obligations to you. If we do not need the information, we do not request it.
  2. We implement technology solutions (including encryption), process controls, and trained people to secure the data we do collect.
  3. We do not sell your personal information – PERIOD.
  4. We greatly limit who has access to your personal information to those with a job role that specifically supports a business purpose to support or fulfill our obligations.
  5. We do not transact business with minors nor do we use the information of minors for any commercial purposes.
  6. We collect information via our website (including our contact form) and via information you provide to us.
  7. We have a record retention policy governing how long we retain information. We only keep your information as long as we need to in order to fulfill our obligations to you and to meet any legal or regulatory requirements we are subject to (ie taxes, know your customer, payroll).
  8. This privacy policy addresses all personal information we may collect across customers, partners, employees, etc. For this reason, you may find some data references that seem odd to you; this is likely because we do not collect that type of information for your category. For example, we do not collect job history on customers but we do for employees.
  9. We do use cookies, primarily those for analytic data that are aggregated (not specific to you). We may use some cookies to customize your experience; particularly if you have a customer portal or supplier portal account.
  10. We honor your rights to; 1) access, correct and delete your data and limit processing of your data; 2) receive personal data so that you can have another processor use it and 3) lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority / data protection authority.

By registering for, downloading, or using the Services, you accept this Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy, which are part of our Terms of Service.

The Prezi and Infogram Data Processing Principles

  1. We process your Personal Data in compliance with relevant laws, fairly and in a transparent manner.
  2. We process your Personal Data only for legitimate purposes and as described in this Privacy Policy.
  3. We make reasonable efforts to keep your Personal Data accurate and up to date.
  4. We take reasonable steps to ensure that inaccurate Personal Data is erased or rectified.
  5. We keep your Personal Data in a form that enables us to identify you for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which your Personal Data is processed.
  6. We process your Personal Data in a manner that ensures appropriate security of your Personal Data, including against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organizational measures.

Definitions Used in This Privacy Policy

Personal Data: means information that we collect from and/or about you as a natural person (private individual), that can be used to identify you, or that is combined with information that can identify you directly or indirectly (in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person).

You: means any user of the Prezi or Infogram Services.

User: means any person who uses the Service(s).

Service(s): without regard to whether it is provided through the Website(s) or the Application(s), means all the services described in the Terms of Service.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We review our Privacy Policy on a regular basis. This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time, and if we make material changes to it, we will provide you notice through the Services, or by other appropriate means (including but not limited to email, via this page or via the user interface).

Your continued use of our Services after a revised privacy policy is posted will constitute your acknowledgment that the collection, use, and sharing of your personal data are subject to the updated policy. The “effective date” of this Privacy Policy is referenced and displayed at the beginning of it.

Data Controller and Contracting Parties

Prezi Inc. or Infogram will be the controller of your personal information provided to, or collected by or for, or processed in connection with, our Services. The Terms of Use, together with the other policies and agreements listed therein, are between you and Prezi Inc. or Infogram, as applicable. In the case of content information you provide (see “Content Information” section below) you control such information, you should be solely liable for it and it is outside our control.

As a registered user or site visitor, the collection, use and sharing of your personal data is subject to this Privacy Policy (which includes our Cookie Policy and other documents referenced in this Privacy Policy) and updates.

What Personal Data We Collect and Why

We collect information about you when you use our services. In addition, third parties may collect information about you when you use our services. Collected information may include or reflect personal information that could identify you, as well as non-personal information. We collect the following information from and about you:

Information you Share

Account Information

You don’t have to create an account to use some of our service features, such as searching and viewing public presentations. If you do choose to create an account and become a member, you must provide us with some personal information so that we can provide our services to you including your name, email address and/or phone number, occupation, title, and a password. If you choose to authenticate using a third-party account (e.g., Google), you authorize us to obtain account information from the third-party platform.

Payment Information

In order to gain access to specific premium features within our Services, you must provide us with payment information, including your credit or debit card number, card expiration date, CVV code, and billing address.

Support Information

The Services also include our customer support, where you may choose to submit information regarding a problem you are experiencing. For example, if you designate yourself as a technical contact, open a support ticket, speak to one of our representatives directly or otherwise engage with our support team, you will be asked to provide contact information, a summary of the problem you are experiencing, and any other documentation, screenshots or information that would be helpful in resolving the issue.

Survey Information

From time to time, we may ask our registered users or visitors to participate in surveys. These surveys are optional. If you choose to participate, any information you provide to us, including personal information, will be linked with your account in our system. If you would not like your information to be used in this way, you have the option to not participate in surveys or, if you do participate, to provide us only with information you consent to our use of in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
Parts of our Services allow users to upload, create and stream user content, including presentations, messages, comments, images, videos, and other materials. If you choose to upload personal information through these means in a manner that makes it visible to the public, we will consider that information public and will not limit its use or disclosure in the manner described in this Privacy Policy.

Content Information (User Content)

You may create a profile and upload content such as presentations, videos, text, photographs, and artwork. Your profile may display information about you and your activities. This information may be accessed by others. Your videos may be viewed and otherwise accessed by others, and associated metadata (e.g., titles, descriptions, tags, etc.) are viewable by others. Your interactions with other users (e.g., comments, "likes") may be seen by others.

We may associate certain content information (such as titles, metadata, and digital art assets) that is stored in your presentations, infographics, videos or other free-form content inputs, such as comments, with personal information about you or others. Information in your presentations, videos, and infographics belong to you, and you are responsible for making sure that your content complies with our Terms of Service.

If your content is made public, anyone (including us) may view its contents and potentially make other uses of it. If you have included private or sensitive information in your public presentations, videos or other content, such as your name, address, email addresses, and the like, that information may be indexed by search engines or used by third parties. If your user content is shared privately, those you have shared it with may use it in a manner inconsistent with our Terms of Use, and/or inconsistent with your wishes, including disclosing it publicly. Please exercise discretion concerning those you share your private content with.

Information You Share About Others

Contact Information

Some components of the Services allow you and others to share user content and send personal messages with other registered users and non-registered users. To use this feature, you must provide us with personal information about others including an email address for each recipient. For example, when collaborating on a presentation you may want feedback from other team members or non-team members and you can do so by adding those members as collaborators.

Additional Information We Receive About You

Use of the Services

When you visit our websites, sign in into our Services, interact with our email notifications, or visit a third-party service that includes content from our Services, we may receive information about you, or combine such information with other personal information. This service usage information includes data such as your IP address, browser type, operating system, the referring web page, pages visited within our Services, location, your mobile carrier, device information (including device and application IDs), search terms, and cookie information.

Third-Party Services

We may provide links to online services that we do not own or operate. These services fall outside of this Privacy Policy and we have no control over the data they collect. For example, if you click on an advertisement, you may be taken to the advertiser's website. Once on a third-party site, your data may be collected by others. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of such services before using them.

You may use content and/or functionality from third-party services in your presentations, videos and User Content. This Privacy Policy covers our websites and apps, but does not cover any third-party site, content, or app.

Services you link to your account

We receive information about you when you or your administrator integrate or link a third-party service with our Services, including information from the third party who provides the linked service. For example, if you create an account or log into the Services using your Google credentials, we receive your name and email address as permitted by your Google profile settings in order to authenticate you. We also provide options within the Services that enable you to link to services such as Slack and Salesforce, so you can receive real-time notifications and integrate content within those platforms. Our Prezi video feature allows you to upload videos and stream through other platforms. To learn more about these third parties’ privacy practices, please consult their privacy policies.

Cookies, Web Beacons and Other Similar Technologies

The Services, our service providers, linked services, and third party content and/or functionality that appears on the Services may use cookies and other tracking tools including web beacons, pixel tags, clear GIFs, and the like. Please see our cookie policy for more information about these technologies.

Our Partners and Service Providers

We rely on a number of other companies, agents, and/or contractors to perform services on our behalf and to assist us in operating and providing the Services to you. For example, we may engage such service providers to provide marketing, communications, website hosting, infrastructure, and IT services, to personalize and optimize the Services, provide customer service, collect debts, and analyze and enhance data. In the course of providing such services to us, these companies may obtain information about you, including personal information, and that information will be shared with us. We do not authorize these companies to use or disclose your personal information except in connection with providing the services we request from them.

How Your Personal Data is Collected

We collect Personal Data and other information from You in a variety of ways, including:

  • the submission of Personal Data by You to Prezi or Infogram through our websites;
  • the submission of a paper or online order for Prezi or Infogram solutions;
  • the submission of a Partner or Service Provider Agreement;
  • through the use of our websites and solutions;
  • when We and You communication by email, telephone, fax, chat, or otherwise;
  • provision of Your Personal Data to us by our business partners; and
  • the use of Cookies.

We will not contact You by telephone or email to request information such as account numbers or account passwords. We recommend that You do not open or respond to e-mails requesting this type of information and that You contact us if You receive such a request.

List of Our Data Processors

You can find many of our partners and service providers (data processors) here.

We rel on a number of other companies, agents, and/or contractors to perform services on our behalf and to assist us in operating and providing the Services to you. For example, we may engage such service providers to provide marketing, communications, website hosting, infrastructure and IT services, to personalize and optimize the Services, provide customer service, collect debts, and analyze and enhance data. In the course of providing such services to us, these companies may obtain information about you, including personal information, and that information will be shared with us. We do not authorize these companies to use or disclose your personal information except in connection with providing the services we request from them.

We may involve new partners and service providers, including for short trial periods, to assist us in operating and providing the Services to you.

Another of our service providers is Google Analytics, which collects information such as how often users visit this site, what pages they visit when they do so, and what other sites they used prior to coming to this site. To learn more about how Google Analytics collects and uses your data when you use the Service, and how you can control the information sent to Google Analytics, please review

Do Not Track Signals

At this time, the Services do not respond to “do not track” signals sent from web browsers.

Information We Do Not Collect

The Services are for a general audience and do not direct any content, products, or Services at children under 13 years of age. We understand and are committed to respecting the sensitive nature of children’s privacy online. If you are a user between the ages of 13 and 18, you may only use our Services through an account established by a parent or guardian, with that parent or guardian’s permission – provided that in your jurisdiction there is no requirement for you or your parent to provide any consent to us for a minor’s use beyond what is already provided in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By way of example, in some Designated Countries users as old as 16 may be required to have their parent or guardian submit a specific consent to us, and in those countries users under 16 years of age may not use our Services.

Also, in certain Designated Countries minors at or beyond the age of 13 might be permitted by local laws to give consent directly to their personal data processing parental or guardian permission. We urge you to familiarize yourself with your jurisdiction’s requirements on this subject. You can find useful information here or here.

We do not knowingly collect personal information about children not authorized to use our Services – if you believe we have unknowingly collected such information, please contact us at or

We do not intentionally collect sensitive personal information, such as genetic data, health information, or religious information. Although we do not request or intentionally collect such sensitive personal information, we realize that you might store this kind of information in your account, such as in a presentation, video, and/or infographic. If you store any sensitive personal information on our servers, you are consenting to our storage, processing, and use of that information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Your Consent to Collect and Use Personal Data

We collect and use Your Personal Data only with Your consent. You may withhold or withdraw Your consent for us to process Your Personal Data. Certain Personal Data is required for Us to provide solutions to You or to meet our legal obligations, and Your withholding or withdrawal of consent to use that Personal Data may prevent us from providing the services and products that You have requested. Other Personal Data is not required for Us to provide services or products to You but is used by Us to provide You with better service or for marketing, communications, and other legitimate purposes as explained in this Privacy Policy.

How we use and process your Personal Data


In most cases, we process your Personal Data to provide you with the Services. However, other purposes may apply, as set forth below.

We process your Personal Data in compliance with our legal obligations and with this Privacy Policy. We provide an adequate level of protection to your Personal Data by E.U. data protection regulations and standards, even in cases when we transfer your Personal Data outside the Designated Countries, for example by using approved standard contractual clauses or binding corporate rules.

The legal bases for processing depend on the services you use and how you use them. We collect and use your information when:

  • We need it to provide you the Services and thereby to perform our contractual obligations to you, including to operate and improve the Services, provide customer support and personalized features and to protect the safety and security of the Services;
  • It satisfies a legitimate interest (which is not overridden by your data protection interests), such as for research and development, to market and promote the Services and to protect our legal rights and legitimate interests or those of third parties, and to comply with our legal obligations;
  • You have provided consent;


We use the information we collect from and about you to:

Activity Processing

Provide the Services

Provide the Services to you, including to process transactions with you, authenticate you when you log in, provide customer support, operate and maintain the Services, and to ensure their secure, reliable, and robust performance.

Develop Services and Research

Conduct research and development for the further development of our Services. In particular, we use collective learnings about how people use our Services and feedback provided directly to us to troubleshoot and to identify trends, usage, activity patterns and areas for integration and improvement of the Services. In some cases, we apply these learnings across our Services to improve and develop similar features or to better integrate the services you use. We also test and analyze certain new features with some users before rolling the feature out to all users.

Personalize Experiences

Include tailored features that personalize your experience, enhance your productivity, and improve your ability to collaborate effectively with others by automatically analyzing your activities and those of your team to provide better content, notifications, and recommendations that are most relevant for you and your team. For example, we may use your email domain to infer your affiliation with a particular organization or industry to personalize the content and experience you receive on our websites and/or communications. Where you use multiple Services (e.g., Prezi Desktop, Prezi on the web or mobile device, Infogram), we combine information about you and your activities to provide an integrated experience, such as to allow you to find information from one Service while searching from another or to present relevant information as you travel across our websites.

Communicate with you about the Services

Send communications via email, phone and within the Services, including confirming your purchases, reminding you of subscription expirations, responding to your comments, questions, and requests, providing customer support, and sending you technical notices, updates, security alerts, and administrative messages. We send you email notifications when you or others interact with you on the Services, for example, when you are @mentioned on a comment. We also provide tailored communications based on your activity and interactions with us. For example, certain actions you take in the Services may automatically trigger a feature or third-party app suggestion within the Services that would make that task easier. We also send you communications as you onboard to a particular Service to help you become more proficient in using that Service. These communications are part of the Services and in most cases, you cannot opt-out of them. If an opt-out is available, you will find that option within the communication itself or in your account settings.


Send you information or materials via email about products, offers, and news we think might interest you. In specific cases where we have your consent and you have provided us additional contact information, we may contact you through other channels including telephone. These communications are aimed at driving engagement and maximizing what you get out of the Services, including information about new features, survey requests, newsletters, and events we think may be of interest to you. We also communicate with you about new product offers, promotions, and contests of Prezi Inc., Infogram, or our licensees or selected commercial partners. You can control whether you receive these communications as described below under "Your Choices & Obligations" section.


Target ads to registered users, visitors, and others through a variety of advertising partners. In some cases, we also use information including service usage information, and information from web beacons, pixels, and cookies, and device identifiers that we collect as mentioned above to better understand how to promote and advertise our Services to you. For example, we use Facebook Custom Audiences to promote specific our Services on through Facebook’s ad platform. We do not promote other products or services that are not related to Prezi Inc. or Infogram.

Provide customer support

Investigate, respond to and resolve complaints and Service issues (e.g., bugs).

Promote Safety and Security

Verify accounts and activity to prevent, detect and monitor suspicious or fraudulent activity and to identify violations of Service policies including our Terms of Service or this Privacy Policy and/or attempts to harm our Members or Visitors

Pursue Legitimate Interests and Legal Rights

Where required by law or where we believe it is necessary to protect our legal rights, legitimate interests and those of others, we may use or disclose information about you in connection with legal claims, compliance, regulatory, and audit functions, and in connection with the acquisition, merger or sale of a business.

Accomplish other objections, with your consent

We use information about you where you have given us consent to do so for a specific purpose not listed above. For example, we may publish testimonials or featured customer stories to promote the Services, with your permission.

If you have consented to our use of information about you for a specific purpose, you have the right to change your mind at any time, but this will not affect any processing that has already taken place. Where we are using your information because we or a third party (e.g. your employer) have a legitimate interest to do so, you have the right to object to that use though, in some cases, this may mean no longer using the Services.

If you have any questions about the lawful bases upon which we collect and use your personal data click here to learn how to get in touch with our Data Protection Officer.

Who we Share your Personal Data With

We share the information we collect from and about you in the following ways:

When you collaborate with others

When you share User Content with other users, they have the ability to share, edit, copy and download that content based on settings you or your administrator select. Your profile information may be visible to other users.

When you share User Content publicly

If your content is public-facing, third parties, search engines (e.g., Google), archives, and other members of the public will have access to it and may compile public-facing information. Please use discretion concerning what you include in your public-facing presentations, videos, and other content.

When you work with a team / with your employer

If you register for or access the Services using an account that is associated with a team or organization, information about you including your account, service usage, and user content will be accessible to that organization’s administrator. In order to enable sharing and collaboration within an organization, we also share your account information with other registered users within the same organization.

Community forums

Information you contribute to blogs, forums, and related discussion areas – along with your profile information – may be read, collected, and used by any member of the public who accesses these websites. Your posts and certain profile information may remain even after you terminate your account. We urge you to consider the sensitivity of any information you input into these Services.

Third-party service providers

We use others to help us provide our Services. This includes helping us do application development, hosting, maintenance, backup, storage, virtual infrastructure, payment processing, fraud detection, marketing, and analysis. Third-party service providers have access to your information as reasonably necessary to perform these tasks on our behalf and are obligated not to disclose or use it for other purposes. All our service providers must meet our security and privacy standards before they gain access to any of your information.


We work with several third-party advertisers and/or ad networks, to place ads promoting our Services on their third-party platforms. The types of information we share with advertising partners include: device identifiers (e.g., session information) or your contact information based on your consent. You can control whether we may share this information with our advertising partners as described below.

Linked Services

In the event you opt to link your account with third-party services, personal information including account information (e.g., full name, email address, username), other information such as referrer headers and IP addresses, and if user content is being shared the content itself, will become available to them, and to users with access to that platform. The linked services may also share certain information with us. The sharing and use of that personal information will be described in, or linked to, a consent screen when you opt to link the accounts.

Prezi Inc. and Infogram Companies

We share information we have about you with other Prezi Inc. affiliates including Infogram (Latvia) or Kft. (Hungary) in order to operate and improve products and services and to offer other Prezi Inc. or Infogram affiliated services to you.

Law, Harm, and the Public Interest

We may share information about you with a third party if we believe that sharing is reasonably necessary to (a) comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, including to meet national security requirements, (b) enforce our agreements, policies and terms of service, (c) protect the security or integrity of our Services, (d) protect us, our customers or the public from harm or illegal activities, or (e) respond to an emergency which we believe in good faith requires us to disclose information to assist in preventing the death or serious bodily injury of any person.

Business Transfers

We may share or transfer information we collect under this Privacy Policy in connection with any merger, sale of company assets, financing, or acquisition of all or a portion of our business to another company. You will be notified via email and/or a prominent notice on the Services if a transaction takes place, as well as any choices you may have regarding your information.

Aggregate Insights

We may produce and share aggregated insights that do not identify you. For example, we may choose to publish statistics regarding how many members live in the U.S. versus how many live in Europe. If you complete a survey that asks for employment information, we may publish statistics regarding which professions are most likely to use or not use our Services.

With your consent We share information about you with third parties when you give us consent to do so.

Do Not Sell my Personal Information

We will not sell Your personal information and has not sold any personal information in the preceding 12 months.

How to Exercise Your Privacy Rights and Choices

These rights we honor for all customers and partners without regard for the governing data protection regulation for the domiciled country of those individuals. These rights we commit to honor meet or exceed the rights granted by the the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”), the United Kingdom Data Protection Act 2018 (UK GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act 2018/2020 (CCPA), granted to their respective habitual residents of a their in scope countries. All our customers or partners may exercise the rights below by sending an email to or Please note that we may ask you to verify your identity before taking further action on your request.

Your California Privacy Rights

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Rights

Californian users have additional rights afforded to them under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). For more information please visit our CCPA Information Page.

Categories of personal information collected and processed by Prezi and Infogram

For more details about the personal information we have collected in the past year, please see section 5. "What personal data we collect and why". For details on how we use that information, and who we share it with, please see "How we use and process your Personal Data" and "List of Our Data Processors".

Prezi and Infogram do not “sell” (as defined in the CCPA) the personal information of users.

Making a request in relation to your personal information

The CCPA gives California consumers various rights with respect to the personal information we collect, including the right to (subject to certain limitations):

  • Request to access the personal information we have about you; and
  • Request that we delete all of your personal information.

California users may make a request by contacting us at or

We will authenticate your request using the email address associated with your Prezi or Infogram account and if necessary, proof of residency.

Other California Privacy Rights

California Civil Code Section 1798.83, known as the “Shine the Light” law, permits members of our community who are California residents to request and obtain from us a list of what personal information (if any) we may have disclosed to third parties for direct marketing purposes in the preceding calendar year, including the names and addresses of those third parties. Requests may be made once a year and are free of charge. If you would like to make a request pursuant to California Civil Code Section 1798.83, you must do so in writing via email; please include the phrase “Request for California Privacy Information” in the subject line and in the body of your message.

How to Exercise Your Privacy Rights and Choices

These rights we honor for all customers and partners without regard for the governing data protection regulation for the domiciled country of those individuals. These rights we commit to honor meet or exceed the rights granted by the the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”), the United Kingdom Data Protection Act 2018 (UK GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act 2018/2020 (CCPA), granted to their respective habitual residents of a their in scope countries. All our customers or partners may exercise the rights below by sending an email to or Please note that we may ask you to verify your identity before taking further action on your request.

Right to review, update, or correct data

You have the right to ask us to correct inaccurate or incomplete Personal Data concerning you. You can edit some of your personal information through your account. You can also ask us to change, update, or fix your data in certain cases, particularly if it’s inaccurate.

Right to object to, limit, or restrict the use of data

You have the right to ask us to stop using all or some of your Personal Data (e.g., if we have no legal right to keep using it) or to limit our use of it (e.g., if your personal data is inaccurate or unlawfully held).

Right to delete data

You have the right to ask us to erase or delete your Personal Data. In some cases (for example, information previously posted in public areas) it may not be practical or may be unduly burdensome, to delete your Personal Data. In the event that we may not delete your Personal Data, we will inform you.

Right to receive the information and/or take your data

You have the right to receive information whether we process your Personal Data and if such Personal Data is processed, and, where that is the case, access to the Personal Data. That’s why we inform you in advance about our processing activities via this Privacy Policy.

You have the right to receive yourself or transfer your Personal Data to another company (known as the right to data portability). Such Data includes account and contact information, and in the event, you have paid for our services, we will include the payment history of such transactions.

Right to lodge a complaint

You have the right to lodge complaints about the data processing activities carried out by Prezi Inc. before the competent data protection authorities within your jurisdiction.

Right to object with the processing of data for direct marketing purposes

You have the right to object at any time to processing of your Personal Data for direct marketing purposes.

Right to withdraw the consent

You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your Personal Data at any time. However, this might force us to terminate our Services to you.

How to exercise your rights

To exercise the access, data portability, and deletion rights described above, please submit a verifiable consumer request to us by either:

Only You, or a person registered with the California Secretary of State that You authorize to act on Your behalf, may make a verifiable consumer request related to Your personal information. You may also make a verifiable consumer request on behalf of Your minor child.

You may only make a verifiable consumer request for access or data portability twice within a 12-month period. The verifiable consumer request must:

  • Provide sufficient information that allows us to reasonably verify You are the person about whom we collected personal information or an authorized representative; and
  • Describe Your request with sufficient detail that allows us to properly understand, evaluate, and respond to it.

Deletion Requests

You have the right to request that Prezi, Inc. delete any of Your Personal Information that we collected from You and retained, subject to certain exceptions. Once we receive and confirm Your verifiable consumer request (see Exercising Access, Data Portability, and Deletion Rights, below), we will delete (and direct our service providers to delete) Your Personal Information from our records, unless an exception applies.

We may deny Your deletion request if retaining the information is necessary for us or our service provider(s) to accomplish any of the following.

  • Complete the transaction for which we collected the Personal Information, provide a good or service that You requested, take actions reasonably anticipated within the context of our ongoing business relationship with You, or otherwise perform our contract with You.
  • Detect security incidents, protect against malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity, or prosecute those responsible for such activities.
  • Debug products to identify and repair errors that impair existing intended functionality.
  • Exercise free speech, ensure the right of another consumer to exercise their free speech rights, or exercise another right provided for by law.
  • Comply with the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (Cal. Penal Code § 1546 et. seq.).
  • Engage in public or peer-reviewed scientific, historical, or statistical research in the public interest that adheres to all other applicable ethics and privacy laws, when the information’s deletion may likely render impossible or seriously impair the research’s achievement, if You previously provided informed consent.
  • Enable solely internal uses that are reasonably aligned with consumer expectations based on Your relationship with us.
  • Comply with a legal obligation.
  • Make other internal and lawful uses of that information that are compatible with the context in which You provided it.

Access to Specific Information

You have the right to request that we disclose certain information to You about our collection and use of Your Personal Information over the past 12 months. Once we receive and confirm Your verifiable consumer request (see Exercising Access, Data Portability, and Deletion Rights), we will disclose to You:

  • The categories of Personal Information we collected about You;
  • The categories of sources for the Personal Information we collected about You;
  • Our business purpose for collecting that Personal Information;
  • The categories of third parties with whom we share that Personal Information;
  • The specific pieces of Personal Information we collected about You (also called a data portability request); and
  • If we sold or disclosed Your Personal Information for a business purpose, two separate lists disclosing:
    • sales, identifying the Personal Information categories that each category of recipient purchased; and
    • disclosures for a business purpose, identifying the Personal Information categories that each category of recipient obtained.

We cannot respond to Your request or provide You with personal information if we cannot verify Your identity or authority to make the request and confirm the personal information relates to You. Making a verifiable consumer request does not require You to create an account with us. We will only use personal information provided in a verifiable consumer request to verify the requestor’s identity or authority to make the request.

Contacting our Data Protection Officer and Representative

If you have any questions about the above-mentioned rights or the lawful bases upon which we collect and use your personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer and Data Protection Representative by emailing

Account Closure; Opt-Out of Marketing Emails

You may cancel your account and you may opt-out of receiving marketing emails from us at any time. In order to cancel your account, opt-out of, or modify your personal information, you must do so by logging in and visiting your Settings & Account page and following the instructions provided, or go to our Help & Support page. We encourage you promptly to update your personal information when it changes. Information concerning your past behavior with the Services may be retained by us as long as necessary for the purposes set out above.

Please note that although you may opt-out of receiving certain emails, we reserve the right to communicate with you via email regarding specific products and services you have ordered, requested, or inquired about.

How We Secure and Store Your Information

General Security

In order to protect both the Personal Data and the general information that we receive from you through your use of the Services, we have implemented various security measures. For example, when you enter personal information (such as your contact information) on our online forms, we encrypt that information using transport layer security (TLS). We also follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the Personal Data submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it.

Risk of Interception

Please keep in mind, however, that whenever you give out Personal Data online there is a risk that third parties may intercept and use that Data. While we strive to protect your Personal Data and privacy, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you disclose online. We cannot guarantee the security of any data provided to or received by us through your use of the Services, and any Personal Data, general information, or other data or information is provided to us at your own risk.

How Long We Keep Your Information

As a general rule, we retain your Personal Data for as long as you have an account, and for up to three years thereafter. If you are not a user from a Designated Country, we may retain a back-up copy of your Private or Public User Content potentially with Personal Data in it, indefinitely. We will only retain your information to the extent:

  1. it is needed for the purposes which we have conveyed to you;
  2. we are required by law to maintain such information; or
  3. it is needed for us to address any issues or inquiries that you may have;
  4. the processing purpose constitutes a legitimate interest.

We dispose of Personal Data by destroying it, erasing it or anonymizing it.

We may retain logs of automatically collected information (for internal analytics); your email address; your tax information; communications with you; and your transactional information (for auditing, tax, and financial purposes). When we no longer have a legitimate business interest in retaining data, we will delete or anonymize it.

Once you delete your account, a presentation or a video we may not be able to recover it. If you have previously made a presentation or a video public, the presentation or the video or its parts, including the incorporated data, may still be discoverable via search engines and similar online resources. We have no control over search engines; however, you may send a request for deletion to major search engines in some cases.

If we receive legal process pertaining to your account or have other legal document retention requirements, we will retain your data for as long as we in good faith believe is necessary to comply with our preservation obligations. Similarly, if we believe that your account has been involved in wrongdoing, we may preserve your Personal Data to defend or assert our rights.

Cross-Border Data Transfers

In accordance with the GDPR and other applicable privacy laws, we may transfer your Personal Data from your country of residence to the U.S. (or other countries) and we process data both inside and outside of the United States and rely on legally-provided mechanisms to lawfully transfer data across borders (e.g. Binding Corporate Rules or Standard Contractual Clauses).

Some of the third parties described in this Privacy Policy, which provide services to us under contract, are based in other countries that may have laws that are different, and potentially not as protective, as the laws of your country of residence. When we share information of our users in the Designated Countries, we make use of each of the European Commission-approved Standard Contractual Data Protection Clauses and the UK approved Standard Contractual Data Protection Clauses, Binding Corporate Rules for transfers to data processors, or other appropriate legal mechanisms to safeguard the transfer.

Limitation of Liability

We use reasonable efforts to comply with the terms of this Privacy Policy and applicable law regarding the processing of Your Personal Data. Except as provided by applicable law, we shall not be responsible for direct or indirect damages that may result from non-compliance with this Privacy Policy.


We will not discriminate against You for exercising any of the rights granted to You by your national or regional data protection regulation. Unless permitted by the applicable data protection regulation, as applicable, we will not:

  • Deny You goods or services;
  • Charge You different prices or rates for goods or services, including through granting discounts or other benefits, or imposing penalties’
  • Provide You a different level or quality of goods or services; or
  • Suggest that You may receive a different price or rate for goods or services or a different level or quality of goods or services.

However, we may offer You certain financial incentives permitted by the applicable data protection regulation that can result in different prices, rates, or quality levels. Any regulation permitted financial incentive (currently provided for under the CCPA) we offer will reasonably relate to Your personal information’s value and contain written terms that describe the program’s material aspects. Participation in a financial incentive program requires Your prior opt in consent, which You may revoke at any time.

Contact – Dispute Resolution

We are committed to ensuring the privacy of personal data: You can contact the our Data Protection Officer via or if:

  • you have any questions about this Privacy Policy;
  • you encounter any issue when having access to your personal data or related to your rights as described above;
  • you believe that we are not complying with the applicable local data protection laws of your country;
  • you have a reason to believe that the security of your personal data has been compromised or misused.

When you want to report a claim by lodging a complaint to our Global Data Protection Officer, you will need to send a letter to the address mentioned at the end of this Policy or submit your claim using the email address referenced above containing (in addition to the information required by the form and depending on the type of rights) the name or reference of the concerned processing and any additional information as reasonably requested by our Data Protection Officer.

If your usual place of residence is in the European Union, Lichtenstein, Norway or Iceland, you have a right to file a complaint with your local data protection authority.

Date of Entry into Force of the Privacy Statement and Changes to it

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time in accordance with certain requirements and circumstances, or where required by applicable laws and regulations so please check back periodically for updates. We may change this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. All changes are effective immediately after they are posted on Prezi’s or Infogram’s websites. If major changes occur to this Privacy Policy, we may post a notice on the Prezi or Infogram website or the platform.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns relating to the our Service or this Privacy Policy, please send an email to or or write to us at:

Prezi Inc / Infogram
101 Broadway, Suite 208
Oakland, CA 94607, US
We will make every effort to resolve your concerns.