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Save time and stay on brand
Save time and stay on brand

Start with our collection of designer templates

Never stare at a blank screen again. Our ready-to-use templates drive engagement, impress your audience, and look perfectly polished.

Stay on brand with company guidelines

Get a custom template with your brand, colors, fonts, and logo. Empower everyone on your team to create branded visuals in minutes.
Wow your audience with interactive content
Wow your audience with interactive content

Animations that amaze

Take your stories to the next level with object animations. Set objects to zoom, bounce, flip, fade, and slide effortlessly into your work.

Interactive charts and maps

We offer enhanced interactivity with tooltips, tabs, clickable legends, linking, and so much more.
Collaborate with your team in real time
Collaborate with your team in real time

Endless possibilities for collaboration

Infogram is the perfect place for your company to visualize data in real time. Create, edit, and publish projects from your team library.

Set permissions for your team

Organize your team into groups and set permission levels by role. Easily keep track of who is working on each project.

Version history

Make changes without the stress. This feature lets you view and restore earlier versions of your projects, so you’re free to get creative.
Track how your work resonates with your audience
Track how your work resonates with your audience

Measure the metrics that matter

Our powerful analytics gives you detailed viewer demographics, average on-screen rate, and how many people shared your content.

Interactivity you can count on

Evaluate the tiniest of details. Keep track of how many people hovered over your tooltips, or clicked on your tabs and legends.

Custom tracking links

Create individual tracking links and share them with clients or others. See what parts they engage with most using Infogram’s powerful analytics.
Create responsive content for web
Create responsive content for web

Publish your content online

Our fully responsive infographics look great across all devices. Add them to Facebook Instant Articles, publish on Medium, or use our Infogram WordPress plugin.

Optimized for mobile

Infogram uses state-of-the-art technologies to offer the best possible experience for the web and mobile devices.

The simple way to make your data dazzle


Create stunning infographics that boost visitor engagement on your website or blog.


Stand out with interactive marketing reports, sales figures, and more.


Present your ideas and showcase your data with our striking slide templates.


Connect your data to build live, easily shareable dashboards that visually track your business.


Use our map maker to publish professional-quality interactive maps that impress and inform.

Social media visuals

Browse our extensive library of photos and icons to create stunning visuals for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Infogram has everything you need to create captivating visuals that impress and inform your audience.

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