Reports are documents that present data in a structured way for a specific audience, with a purpose. With Infogram you can easily create your own custom reports. Explore our collection of report examples for inspiration and use our report maker to create stunning reports.

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A report is a document that demonstrates and structures information in an organized way for a specific audience and with a purpose. Some examples include:

  • Progress reports
  • Demographic reports
  • Book reports
  • Progress reports
  • White papers
  • Workplace reports

Reports play an especially essential role in the field of business. They summarize important data and provide in-depth information about any topic so that companies can then make informed business decisions. Business-related reports include:

  • Sales reports
  • Marketing reports
  • Year-in-review reports
  • Financial reports
  • HR reports

How to write a report

Start by choosing a subject and collecting all the bits and pieces of information you can find about it. Analyze your data and draw conclusions.

The next step will be to visualize your research. Start by logging in to Infogram. Then, click on the report icon to start a new project. As the next step, you'll choose a report format that fits your needs. Don't worry, there are plenty of templates to choose from. Fill your project with images, text, charts, and other elements. Finish off by downloading your report, sharing it with the team, or publishing online.

The right report example for you

While students and educators might be searching for an easy-to-create research report format, businesses will be on the lookout for the best business report example. With Infogram, you can create stunning reports from scratch, no prior experience, programming, or design skills needed. Browse our report example section to see what other creators have been up to. Even if you want to create the most formal report example out there, our free report-maker tool will help you achieve the expected outcome.

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